Our TOP 10 Favorite Homeschool Adventures This Year

Everyone’s family has an activity that they love to do together, some are gamers, movie-goers, shoppers, etc. As for my family, we are an adventure-loving bunch. We love to explore new places together. This past year we had some fabulous experiences that we enjoyed as a family. One of the reasons that I blog is to share with other families our positive homeschool experience. Although I have a daughter living with chronic diseases, they don’t stop us family from having the time of their lives. Thus as a homeschool family, we try to plan at least 1 or 2 homeschool adventures each month. 

Below are Our Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures This Year

If traveling and adventures with your children are on your family’s to-do list, then consider some of these fantastic places. At the top of my of my list are the following places:

Family visiting iFly

Family visiting iFly in Baltimore:

Family visiting iFly in Baltimore, MD

1. iFly in Baltimore, MD

In September my husband took us all to iFly in Baltimore to celebrate my birthday. Experiencing something we had never done before was so much fun. We both had to be brave in front of our kids. The entire iFly experience was incredible. 

In fact, my youngest daughter was so frightened, we weren’t sure she would follow through with it. Thankfully, our instructor and partner helped ease all of her fears. Overall, she had an incredible experience, read about it on my CleverlyChanging IG post.

Girl at Avalanche Express: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

Family Snow tubing: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

2. Avalanche Express in York, PA

Avalanche Express is an awesome place where you and your family can get a lot of exercise by carrying your tube to the top if you don’t want to wait for the snow lift. Although I’m not one for cold weather, I love snow tubing. As long as we bundle up with hats, gloves, snow boots, and warm coats we can snow tube for hours. It also helps to get hot cocoa from inside the lodge if your hands get cold. 

Camping Trip Top 10 Family Adventures

3. Camping at Cunningham Falls State Park

It may come as a surprise to some, but I love outdoor adventures. Giving my kids a chance to take in the beauty of nature is very important to me. I grew up running bare-feet through the dirt and digging for worms. Although my girls are growing up in the digital age, these are experiences are important to me and I don’t want them to grow up without their fair share of outdoor fun. Therefore, every chance we get, we go out and see what’s new in the world around us.

There were tons of things to do and historic places to tour. Cunningham Falls is in the mountainous western part of Maryland. The scenery was picturesque. 

African American Girl Fishing: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

kid fishing: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

4. Fishing at the Lake

My daughters love fishing. The heat was exhausting on the day we went, but being able to catch and release fish was an exhilarating time. When fishing in the summer, bring plenty of water to drink, bug spray, and lots of live worms. Our fishing trip was facilitated and organized by the Patuxent Wildlife Visitor Center. They provided the rods and show my daughters how to cast their line and reel the fish in. I also got plenty of practice hooking worms to their fishing hooks.

Our fishing trip was facilitated and organized by the National Wildlife Visitor Center. They provided the rods and show my daughters how to cast their line and reel the fish in. I also got plenty of practice hooking worms to their fishing hooks.

5. Visiting Skyline Drive in Luray, VA

Skyline drive is located in the National Park Service’s Shenandoah National Park. The drive is scenic and up a winding mountain. The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is spectacular. In the fall, the lives are like a rainbow of shimmering plants. 

Please read more about our fun fall drive at the following link: Visit Shenandoah Valley’s Skyline Drive

Kite Flying Our Top 10 Family Adventures

6. Kite Flying On A Windy Day

Kite flying is truly one of our favorite family activities. Just give us some wind and kites and we are sure to make it go soaring up through the clouds while dancing in the blue sky. Watch our live kite flying video on my CleverlyChanging IG account

7. We Watched the Dissection of a Sheep’s Eye at The Maryland Science Center

While visiting the Maryland Science Center, we watched the dissection of a sheep’s eye. Seeing each eye layer was absolutely incredible. The coolest part of the experience was being able to touch the different parts (with gloves on, of course). Surprisingly, the pupil was hard and reminded me of a marble. 

8. Visiting Minefaire 2016 in DC and PA

My daughters are young gamers. They play Minecraft for STEM class during homeschool hours and love it. I’m impressed by the material of information they learn within the game. They can tell me about different types of wood, why they need to set up a firm foundation when building, and information about the Oregon Trail. When 

When we went to Minefaire (which was on their 4th-grade vision board) they were given an opportunity to meet young and older Youtubers. Play some of the latest and greatest educational Minecraft games and see more STEM activities that we can incorporate into their learning experience. 

Bowie Baysox: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

Kid visiting the Bowie Baysox game: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

9. Attending a Bowie Baysox Game

My kids loved every minute of the Bowie Baysox game they attended. I, on the other hand, was shocked by how many fly balls there were. We had great seats so we could see the game well. If your kids love sports or you just want them to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes then take them to a game. Watch our live video on my CleverlyChanging IG account

Museum of the Bible: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

Museum of the Bible: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

Museum of the Bible: Top 10 Family Homeschool Adventures

10. Visiting the Museum of the Bible

We went to so many museums this year. It’s hard for me to pick which one was better because each experience is uniquely different. I chose the Museum of the Bible as one of our best experiences because it had something to offer every one of us. We stayed in the building for over 6 hours and there was never a dull moment. Surprisingly, there was also a lot more to see. This is the newest museum on the National Mall and is more historic than religious. If you ever get a chance to go visit then I highly recommend it.

Reader Question:

What are some of your favorite family-friendly adventures?

Thank you for reading my post. Please share it with others.

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