Visit The National Cryptologic Museum

The National Cryptologic Museum

My favorite part of homeschooling is going on field trips. I love the adventures of learning new information and being able to see it firsthand. If your kids love coding, science, and secrets the Cryptologic Museum will help them explore and learn the history of cryptology within our government. The museum is interactive and great for kids and adults. 

Cryptologic Museum

Cryptologic Museum Location

The National Cryptologic Museum is located 8290 Colony Seven Rd, Baltimore, MD 20701

Cryptologic Museum Hours

The general hours are 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Fridays.

Cryptologic Museum Website

Visit the website. Also, follow their latest events on the museum’s Facebook page.

What’s great about the museum is that there is free admission and the museum also provides free tours that last about 1.5 hours. There is a ton of information to learn but the museum is small enough that a person will not feel overwhelmed. Many of the artifacts inside are real and from the field, so kids will be able to see a real enigma machine and learn about the history of ciphers.

The museum really intrigued me. A couple of weeks before I went to the National Spy Museum and this museum is an excellent choice for next level learning. 

What is A Cryptologic Museum All About?

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Cryptology is

the study of codes, or the art of writing and solving them.

The secrecy and the evolution of devices used to decipher codes are fascinating. The excitement I felt what reading about the history of cryptology was amazing because none of what I was learning was fictional. Visiting showed me that real life is just as cool and amazing as a movie.

Revolutionary Secrets

The National Cryptologic Museum opened in 1993 and showcases the history of cryptology in the US from the 18th century through the present time.

The National Cryptologic Museum

Walking through the exhibits is like taking a stroll through a visual timeline.

Many of the exhibits are hands-on and will give people an opportunity to see how the machines work. Pictured is my daughter learning how to use the enigma machine

Cryptologic Museum in Baltimore, MD

The exhibits keep visitors engaged.

The National Cryptologic Museum

The content in the museum is best suited for students ages 9 and up (grades 4 and up). We went at the beginning of my daughters’ fourth grade school year.

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When you check in at the front desk kids are given ciphers to complete as they explore the exhibits.

I’d definitely take a trip back to see more of the museum. Overall, my girls and I had a fantastic experience.

The National Cryptologic Museum.

Here are some more pictures, I shared on Instagram. Follow on IG to see more of our family homeschool adventures.

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