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Visit the International Spy Museum

This post was done in partnership with Unlimited Possibilities Company Fam Tours.

Adults and children can all be fascinated by the intricacies of the livelihood of spies. Covert work done in secret is captivating to so many people. John Le Carre once said, “A spy, like a writer, lives outside the mainstream population. He steals his experience through bribes and reconstructs it.” The fact is, a spy probably isn’t the loudest person in the room drawing attention to him or herself. Instead, he or she may be demure, observant, and under the radar. Visiting the spy museum is just like it’s subject, it’s in the heart of Washington, DC, but the building itself can be overlooked not far from Chinatown because of how small it appears on the outside. 

Learn more about the International Spy Museum from our recent visit

The Spy Museum is more than what meets the eye

[tweetthis]There’s so many loops and turns inside @SpyMuseum visitors feel as if they stepped into an underground kaleidoscope.[/tweetthis]

Furthermore, the museum stands out on the inside because all the space available within it was utilized brilliantly. The artifacts enclosed take you from Ancient Greece through early American history into present times. It even showcases a beautiful collection of items from popular Hollywood movies such as the Bond series in their 007 Exhibit. There are thousands of historical facts to uncover within the museum. So the trip is definitely educational, but also fun. Overall, the information is so astounding that the facts are even more astounding than the fictitious stories. Such as animals that served as spies like pigeons and robotic snakes.

You can learn more about the secret world of espionage on their Spycast podcast

Is it OK to Bring Children to the Spy Museum?

The museum shares mature content that is real. It is very much a museum for adults, but because children often have a fascination with spy intel, the museum has done an excellent job of providing resources and educational programs available to schools and families.

Thus, while, visiting the museum I had the opportunity to speak with the Spy Museum’s Youth Education Director, Jacqueline V. Eyl, she spoke of some intriguing programs that the museum hosts for kids.

The Spy Museum is different from other DC museums because it offers these 10 Incredible Features:

  1. Take a trip through an air duct within the museum just as if you’re a covert agent undercover.
  2. Uncover the secret world of real espionage around the globe. 
  3. Complete a family mission or Eye Spy scavenger hunt as you travel through the museum.
  4. Give your kids an opportunity to become a spy during the summer at the museum’s Spy Camp. Older teens from 15-18 can also gain community service hours by volunteering at the summer camp.
  5. Host a birthday party for kids and adults.
  6. Take a spy writer’s workshop.
  7. Sleep at the museum during one of their special overnight family nights.
  8. If the world of espionage fascinates you learn more about it by visiting the museum’s blog
  9. Visit the gift shop and get some their cool spy gear. 
  10. Become a member of their Inner Circle and receive discounts and special perks.

Know Before You Go

Lastly,  Before you go on your next Spy Museum Trip please keep their visitor policy in mind:

 To enhance the experience of all guests, and to protect the exhibits and artifacts, please note the following policies within all Museum exhibition areas:

No flash photography/videography*

No food, drink, or chewing gum

Don’t smoke

No pets (only service animals are allowed inside the building) 

Do not use cellular or mobile telephones within the museum

Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

No strollers**

More About the International Spy Museum

Location: 800 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004


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At the time of this post, it should be noted that the Spy Museum will be moving to a new and larger location soon. Also, this post was shared in partnership with Unlimited Possibilities Company Fam Tours. All opinions shared are my own.

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  • RoGinaM

    I did not know about the Spy Museum and we were just in DC in March. I have plans to go back and will and this to my list of things to do. Thanks.

    • It’s very cool. It’s also not far from the NMAACH so if you’re visiting you might as well see both.

  • KoKoa Magazine

    Honestly I would be scared to visit this museum. LOL, My preteen would love it though but I will wait until he is older.

    • A preteen is the perfect age. I thought it was extremely cool. It’s not scary, just informative. It was very much like visiting a regular history museum.

  • MJ

    Uhmmm I think I am like Kita. I would freak out at the Spy Museum. Even the game Clue use to make me feel all anxious. But I know for sure my husband would be all in.

    • It’s not a scary experience. They are not trying to trick or scare the visitors, it’s more knowledge based and educational.

  • I can’t tell when last I have been to a museum. They also have some really cool features.

    • I love visiting museums. There is a museum for almost everything that you can ever imagine, you just have to find out which topics interest you the most.

  • Bernetta

    I enjoy going to museums and reading about history. I’d love a spy museum because I have been quite the spy in the past! LOL! I’d love to see the gadgets used.

    • They have gadgets for days, all the cool stuff. The best part is, you can buy something similar at their gift shop.

  • Climbing through an air duct just made my claustrophobia activate. I would NEVER make a great spy! LOL! My twins though are pros with those types of situations, so they may very well be on their way!

    • I didn’t go in the air duct. It was way too many people for me to venture into it. I probably would have given it a try though if my twins were present. Kids are excellent at it, like Jackie mentioned in the video.

  • StyledByOmiOmy

    I visited several years ago and enjoyed the history lesson. I surely didn’t know about the other activities available.

    • I’m glad that I toured the way I did, but I think it’s probably easy not to know about the activities. It’s still a cool place to visit and see things that I could probably only imagine.

  • I enjoyed our adventure at the Spy Museum. That was my first time there and they had so much to offer. I’m looking forward to taking my kids.

  • Daria Vinning

    I’ve never been but I’m looking forward to visiting one day. Thanks for sharing.

  • LaQuisha Hall

    Easily, I say that whatever you see in the museum will be nothing that will give you real cues to inside secrets. “Entertainment purposes only ” LOL

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