Injured Family Member? 4 Ways to Help Them Recover

How can you help someone who is injured?

When a family member gets injured, whether they live with you or not, they still need your support. It could be in the form of encouragement, or it could be helping the person while they are at home so that there aren’t as many tasks to complete during the recovery process. Spend some time gathering information about what the person needs help with in order to provide the most assistance possible.

Here's one Way to help those injuredCleaning

After an injury, one might not feel like cleaning the house like usual. You can either go to the home and clean for that person, or you could hire someone to clean if you don’t have the time. Try to help more with the larger tasks, such as washing clothes, mopping or washing the dishes so that the person can focus on the recovery process without getting up from a chair or out of bed as much.


If physical therapy is involved, then you could try to help with exercises. Find out what is needed from the physical therapist so that you know how to help instead of further injuring the person. This is a time when you can possibly decrease the recovery time as you can help with strengthening the muscles and making sure the person has movement each day instead of sitting or lying.

How can you help someone with a burn injury?Burns

A burn can be a serious injury, especially if an infection develops. Help dress the burn, applying any bandages or medications that are needed in order to help the burn heal faster. Take the time to support the person emotionally as well as physically. That way, they can heal from the memory of the injury at the same time their body is healing. Remember to look for any kind of yellow drainage that the person might not be able to see. This is often a sign of an infection. If you notice anything abnormal, then contact the person’s doctor to try to get something done so that an infection doesn’t spread. Keep the area cool by applying cold compresses.


If all else fails, then offer as much encouragement as possible. This can help in the recovery process more than anything else at times. The person can get discouraged because the recovery is taking too long. Try to help the person see that there is an end to the road and that you are there for a support system. Read a book, put a puzzle together or play a game with a family member to help keep their mind off of the recovery.

Any time there is an injury, it often seems like the recovery process takes a longer time when there is no help. You can help family members recover by performing household chores or assisting with rehabilitation. Offer words of encouragement, and make sure the person knows that you are ready to be there in any way possible.


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