Book Review: “None Like Him” by Jen Wilkin

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin #bookreview

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin #bookreviewUpon reading these words in None Like Him, I was hooked “The infinite unknown of God holds no faith-shattering duplicity, just a multiplicity of perfections waiting to be discovered across eternity” (Wilkin, 35). The song “Adoration” says, “You are so amazing to me, I lift my voice in adoration to you.” There are no words in our language to fully describe the awesomeness of God. Even our most regal words like majestic, omnipotent, benevolent, decisive, distinctive, incomparable, sacred, Truth, Love, etc. all pale in comparison with God: The I AM.

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None Like Him Moved Me Emotionally

It’s been a while since I read a book that brought me to tears, but Jen Wilkin’s None Like Him had that effect on me. The book didn’t reveal any new revelations to me, but it did help me understand God better. Jen makes the reader yearn to learn more about God in a way that few books can. She uses scripture to help the reader learn how to cultivate his or her own relationship with The Creator. She shares short stories and anecdotes that show us just how different God is from humanity which in turn, helps strengthen our desire to seek after our Master and Savior.

If you battle through life’s storm and you feel that God is too far away to care about your trails reading None Like Him, will remind you to stop thinking negatively and cry out to our Lord because He cares for us in an intimate way that we cannot fathom because of the limitations of our humanity.

Everyone Should Read None Like Him 

In my life, I have struggled, like most humans who go through battles in the midst of trials that seem to pile on, one after the other, without room to breathe. While going through it, I pause and try to see God’s blessings, but at times, I have a hard time feeling his presence. For me, the timing of reading this book broke my pity-party, it helped take away my disappointments and created an attitude of triumph, victory, blessing, and restoration. There is a quote in the book that completely describes why I believe every person should read this book. She writes, “Sometimes I need my eyes reopened to the greatest display of God’s power I have ever witnessed: the transformation of my heart into his dwelling place. His power shines in my weakness, conquering the power of sin in my life” (Wilkin, 35).

Sometimes your greatest encounters with Divinity comes when you are at your weakest and lowest moments. If your world has ever fallen a part or your heart has ever been broken, then you know that within you lies nothing. No strength. No words of affirmation. No smiles. No hope. Instead when you have a mustard seed-sized faith that God is bigger than your universe of problems, then you have no choice but to let go, take away all rationalization, all moments of chance, and see God’s divine movement in your life, you will then feel comforted, peaceful, hopeful, that the storm itself is not the end, it’s only beginning and you don’t have to travel through each stage solo because on your path at every level, there is a source of strength that is stronger than yourself.

None Like Him, Points You in the Direction For Answers

If you’re searching for God and have more questions than answers, this book will help you feel at ease while on your journey. If you find a void in your life, a longing for more, than this quote expresses what is needed in your life, “And because to know him is to love him, our ever-expanding vision will elicit ever-expanding love” (Wilkin, 39). How will this book change your life? Well, after Jen explains how God is different from us, at the end of each chapter she encourages the reader to take an active role while seeking the Savior. First, she provides scriptures that help reveal the very character of God, which are provided as verses for mediation. Second, she provides questions for reflection. It’s up to you whether you want to write the answers in the book or not. I highly recommend reading this book while also creating a companion journal to go a long with it. While reading, jot down your thoughts, and write down how the principle each chapter talks about hits home in different areas of your life. The scriptures she chose were poetic to me. They helped me relate my own experiences to how I needed to let go of a particular situation and allow God to help me. Third, she encourages readers to do an activity like pray or write to God, which opens up the reader’s heart to learn more about the Creator. As a result, the most powerful moments of the book, are not even written in ink, instead, it is from her promptings of further study that you are changed and renewed.

I looked forward to reading each chapter so I didn’t rush through the book. It’s a book packed with power so reading it slowly helped me unpack the lessons that were implied and not necessarily stated. This is a book to keep on your shelf so at times when your faith is low, you can revisit it and grow closer to God through prayer and meditation.


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