I’m Apart of An Amazing Mom Series from Half Mom Half Amazing

Amazing Mom Stories Epi 1

Amazing Mom Vlog Episode 1

I remember writing a post about motherhood not being about perfection when I started this blog. The fact is every mom struggles. Our struggles are different but none of us will have it easy. Life in general will have it’s highs and lows, but we should know that we are not alone. Our experiences can help someone else. Sharing our own mistakes, triumphs, and testimonies can let another mom or dad know that they can get through their own trials.

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About Half Mom Half Amazing and her Amazing Mom Series

Nicole from Half Mom, Half Amazing gave me a chance to share some of my struggles with her YouTube viewers. Nicole definitely makes motherhood look rewarding and fun. She is a champion mom, a good cook, a creative educator, and a loving wife. Hearing Nicole’s own story allowed me to see that even moms whom I admire have some tough days. The important thing is to not allow your challenges to consume you. Even in the middle of going through difficulties you grow and develop a mindset of gratitude because everyone is facing their own obstacles. I thank Nicole for the opportunity to share my parenting struggles and triumphs with others and I hope that you are blessed by my story.

Many moms aspire to be amazing and we can all achieve that goal with love, support, and dedication. Be sure to check out Nicole’s very cute branded “Half Mom, Half Amazing” t-shirts on her website.

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