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If you have children, finding the perfect nightlight is a real challenge and finding the best nightlight for your bathroom even more challenging. Seriously, most kids are picky. I bought my first nightlight for my kids from the dollar store, and they complained about which character they liked the most. I didn’t care for it because it was the type you plug-in and I eventually resented the amount of electricity it was using. My kids also had a tendency to still turn on the full light because the dim night-light did not fully assure them the bathroom really had no spying eyes. Thankfully, they are older and now I’ve found illumibowl, which offers the perfect solution for their needs.

What do you think about illumibowl and how does it work?

Illumibowl doesn’t light up the entire room, but it lights the most important thing in the bathroom, the toilet bowl. This contraption helps keep a person right on target by illuminating the toilet bowl so adult and kids who have to use the bathroom during the night don’t fall into the bowl, or miss the center while half asleep. 

The illumibowl fully delivers by working just as it should. You use suction cups to stick the motion activated body to the side of the toilet and using another suction cup to stick the light just under the toilet seat.

It is battery operated so the light does not use any electricity so thankfully, it will not effect your electric bill. The batteries also have a tendency to last a long time because the light doesn’t stay on indefinitely, it is motion activated so it will be on only while the person is in the bathroom or near the motion sensor.

If you have a bathroom without windows it will keep your toilet lit throughout the day as long as the sensor becomes activated.

Is it perfect?

No, the illumibowl will not solve all of your light activated problems because while using the toilet is extremely important, so is washing your hands; therefore, you will still need to have a nightlight by your sink if you have a larger bathroom because the light from the illumibowl does not light the entire room. Thankfully, if you have two illumibowls, you could mount one near your sink on the wall (not near the water faucet) and it will offer just enough light to help your kids see well enough to wash their hands in the dark.

Another issue is, if you have a little splasher who is learning how to aim properly, I could see this light getting gross pretty fast. This isn’t a problem for me because my kids are girls and they have learned how to use the bathroom without making a mess, so it works really well for us. I recommend putting the light towards the front so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.

Does the illumibowl get our clever stamp of approval?

Yes it does. I’m glad we have our illumibowl light, it has even helped our kids get excited about going to the bathroom at night. The 9 different color lights make the bathroom a colorful wonderland. In fact, my kids thanked me for getting such a fun light for their bathroom.

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