Review: Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream and Barrier Cream Cloths

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Winter can be harsh on your skin. As the weather gets colder I can feel it drying out my skin. The colder it is outside, the dryer my skin becomes. Unfortunately, I often make it worse by taking hot showers and turning up the heater in our home, both are known to dry out your skin during the winter months. Even though I add common lotions I don’t seem to see a huge difference. In fact,  my once soft hands actually turn scaly and white.  

Although, I have sensitive skin I try not to use a lot of products. I mainly look for  hypoallergenic products but many may appear to work at first but after a few minutes it feels like I rubbed my skin with water and no real moisture was absorbed.

As a female, I love seeing cutesy lotions in different stores, but they are only aesthetic decorations in my home because they often cause break outs in the form of itchy inflamed skin. They also don’t seem to provide the moisture I need for me to be satisfied with soft, agile skin. Thankfully, I recently found something that works for me. I am seriously happy with Phytoplex’s Nourishing skin product line. Many their wipes and hand lotion. After using them continuously, I don’t have to worry any longer about dry itchy skin. 

The Nourishing Skin Cream comes in a small 2 oz bottle so it can easily go into my purse without taking up too much space. It smells light and clean so I don’t have to worry about feeling nausea from heavy fragrances. On occasions, I have tried to mix my own lotions with essential oils on the stove, but buying this is so much easier. Medline Remedy, the manufacturer, has mixed a formula using some of my favorite natural products which are: Clove oil, sandalwood oil, Barley, green tea, and safflower oil. 

The Nourishing Skin Protectant wipes are also great for long trips, and are thick like washcloths. They have a soft fresh scent and don’t overwhelm you with their fragrance. They clean, moisturize, nourish and protect your skin. After I use them, it feels like my skin is renewed by their cool soft touch. Just be careful because these wipes are not flushable and you only receive 8 per package. 

Furthermore, I’m trying to make healthy choices when it comes to what I put in or on my body so it’s great to know that both products are also Paraben Free so I don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals being absorbed into my skin. As a mom who is always on the go with my kids in the car, I found these so handy to use while my kids are in the car. They are also perfect after my kids come from swim class. I allow them to use them on their face because they face appears to dry out the most. The chlorine tends to keep their skin dry, but using the wipes adds the moisture back which helps balance their natural skin oils. The lotion and wipes are hypoallergenic so I don’t have to worry about how sensitive I can be to typical commercial products. I definitely recommend both products to anyone looking for skin care that is allergy friendly, smells great, and works well.

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