Join Me December 6th at Empowered: the Conference

Every year our lives are tested. We are faced with challenges that may seem to be overwhelming. Our faith may waver and our strength may seem to dwindle. Regardless of what may come your way you can still have hope. On Sunday, December 6th I will be at Empowered: the conference. I am excited to have an opportunity learn how to grow in spite of the difficulty I’ve faced this year. When my daughter and husband faced their health set backs, I felt discouraged and I couldn’t understand why I was experiencing these difficulties in my home. Giving up, was not an option, but staying faithful on track and encouraged has been hard to do.

SaMonna Watts SpeakerSaMonna Watts is a friend and speaker I admire greatly. Her testimony continually reminds me that no matter what happens in my life, no excuse is great enough to give up. Through her life, I am reminded that I have to press on and move forward. Her journey is one of faith, restoration, and inspiration. If you have not heard her speak yet, you will not want to let this opportunity pass. Tickets are only $30.  I hope to see you there, register today!

The Conferences’ Purpose: 

Extraordinary Living, LLC presents Empowered, a conference designed to equip individuals with the tools needed to experience explosive growth.  At the conference you will learn how to discover and pursue your purpose, turn life’s hurts, pains, and disappointments into victory, overcome self limiting thought processes, and develop strategies to decrease stress, maximize growth, and much more.

Who is this conference designed for?

This conference is for Men and women who are looking to grow and maximize their potential. It’s for people who need hope after facing difficulty. It’s for anyone who needs to feel inspired and know they are not alone on this  journey.

I’ll be there!

Visit: to find out more and register.


Where: 6305 Riggs Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20783

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