Homeschooling With Love: How to Create a Homeschool Mission Statement

Learn how to create a Homeschool Mission Statement #homeschool #education #learning #homeschoolmom

This is our fourth week into our homeschool year. Fall is almost here and my kids are starting to get use to their daily routine. Our extra curricular classes have begun and we are excited to see how each new lesson broadens their worldview.

To help us stay focused throughout the school year, we created a mission statement. Every family who decides to homeschool should have a mission statement they are willing to uphold. The statement will help guide your family, encourage you, and remind you of your commitment.

In last weeks post, I mentioned that last year I wavered about whether homeschool was the right choice for our family. By taking time to check the goals I have for my children and my family,  by creating a mission statement I found the clarity I needed to know that I made the right choice.

Our homeschool mission statement is as follows:

“It is our home academy’s mission to teach our little ones to develop their own love for God, to yearn after knowledge, and to learn how reach their God-given potentials. Through patience, consistent study, healthy-living, and regular exercise we will endow our children with the life-lessons we learned and teach them how to live a life of service through faith, compassion for others, and unconditional love.”

Homeschool Mission Statement #homeschool #education #learning #homeschoolmom

Get started creating your own mission statement:

A homeschool mission statement explains your reason why you choose to teach your children from home. It should also list your overall goals for your children.

  1. Write down the reasons why you homeschool.
  2. Write down the values you wan to instill in your children daily.
  3. Write down the overall life goals you want them to achieve.

Jill from Blessed Beyond a Doubt, created a very helpful printable that you can download to help you get started.

Want to read the Homeschool mission statement from other families? Here are some good mission statements that can be tweaked and rewritten to fit your homeschool.

Reader Response: What are some values you want your kids to learn while you homeschool them?

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