4 Gift Buying Tips to Save Money #FinanceFriday

4 Gift Buying Tips that will keep you on #budget this #holiday season. #Finance Friday #personalfinance

Holidays and gift-giving in general can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re on a well-controlled budget. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to stay within your budget, and still get the gifts that you want to give to the special people in your life.
Check out these 4 gift buying tips that can help you save money and shop like a pro saver.

  1. Buy smart. Planning ahead is an important factor in gift giving. Not only does it help you avoid the headache that usually comes with last minute decision-making, it also helps you find the perfect gift that would not only be friendly to your budget, but will also be something that the receiver will enjoy receiving. Stick to your list so that you will stay on budget


  1. Buy ahead. Steer clear of the holiday rush and make purchases before the last minute shoppers arrive. By making your purchases early, you’d have one less thing to worry about come gift-giving season.


  1. Buy in cash. Leave the credit cards and debit cards at home, and bring cash. Allot an amount for each gift, and work on sticking to that budget. You may need to compromise a bit, but keep in mind that giving gifts is not just about the cost of the gift, it’s also about showing thoughtfulness in choosing something that you know will be appreciated.


  1. Buy in bulk. Buying in bulk often means discounts and more savings. Rather than give individual gifts, why not decide on a specific theme or concept for this year’s gifts, and buy them in large quantities? Try giving silver jewelry. It may sound expensive but if you get bulk silver chains from wholesalers like Teeda, you’re not only making a good gift purchase, you’re also spending less by buying in bulk.


Thinking ahead of what gifts to give not only helps you save on expenses, it also makes it easier for you to enjoy spending your hard-earned money. Smart shopping saves you money and time.

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