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I first met Zarifa Roberson when I was doing my 30 for Sickle Cell blog posts at the Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5k walk held in DC. Zarifa is a great inspiration and her quarterly magazine benefits those living with disabilities and people wanting to learn more about disabilities. Her passion for others really stood out to me, and her desire to help tell people’s story who are living with Sickle Cell truly resonated within me.

Can you imagine, being the only person in your family labeled as different? Can you imagine being away from home, on your own and living with a disability? People succeed with disabilities everyday, but is better when you know that you are not alone and the struggles you face are not unique to you. I.D.E.A.L magazine is the lighthouse shining a light on people living with disabilities. Her magazine provides this community with much needed hope and inspiration to keep fighting despite having to face unique life challenges.

Zarifa, started I.D.E.A.L Magazine for Urban Young People living with disabilities in 2004 when she saw a need and wanted to help make a difference. Please listen to my Interview with Ms. Zarifa Roberson and check out her Kickstarter Campaign and magazine, which helps young people who need an outlet as they face the world and create new possibilities in their lives. The magazine promotes independent lifestyles and culture for people living with disabilities. Zarifa’s goal is to raise $5,000 to help continue to produce the magazine.

Each quarterly edition is full of stories that will promote awareness and empathy.  The magazine is a wonderful resource for young people from all walks of life living with disabilities and seeking support and understanding. Find out more about how different people overcome major challenges yet find a way to thrive, be positive, and succeed.

Help support the only magazine for young urban youth living with a disability #donate #magazines


On November 30, 2014 Zarifa’s Kickstarter Campaign will come to an end, but before it does, I really want to help her meet her goal.

I.D.E.A.L Magazine kickstarter for young people who are living with disabilities


Please help support Zarifa’s vision for Urban Youth living with disabilities to have their voices heard.



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 If you or someone who know would like to share your story in I.D.E.A.L Magazine leave a comment or contact Zarifa at one of the social media outlets above.

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