Books for Kids We Are Reading This Week

The library is one of our favorite family activities. This week we checked out and purchased some great books. Below I will share with you some of the books we are enjoying thus far. I love reading with my children. We enjoying picking books that correspond with lessons I am teaching them as well as anything new that may be going on in our lives.

Books for child of colorA Beach Tail by Karen Lynn Williams, Illustrated by Floyd Cooper

The pictures are gorgeous. Reading the book made us feel as if we were back on the beach listening to the waves swish and swoosh.We chose this book because summer is now coming to an end and we discussing our favorite part of summer. My kids chose our family vacation, as their most memorable time this summer. We spent our vacation on the beach and this book, helped my kids recap the joys they experienced while playing in the sand. The book has great alliteration, fun action words, and a practical adventure that children will enjoy. My favorite part of the book is that is about a father and a son while on the beach.



Mud Tacos

Mud Tacos by Mario Lopez & Marissa Lopez Wong, Illustrated by Maryn Roos

We chose this book because September 15 – October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. Mud tacos, the title sounds really fun in and of itself, so my kids and I already knew an adventure was in-store for us. The book was great because it encourages children to imagine, exercise, and play. The book also subtly  highlights bullying. The character’s Mario, Marissa, and Rosie cleverly teach their cousin a lesson while he tries to bully the younger ones. The best part about the story is that all the cousins share their no bullying message in love and their older cousin Chico recognizes his behavior and changes.


Sky Color_shadowSky Color by Peter H. Reynolds

This book is one of my daughter’s favorite books. She really likes it because she, like Marisol the character in the book, has declared herself an imaginative artist. Marisol can’t find blue paint for a school library mural and wonders what she will do. While on her journey she observes the sky throughout the day and realizes sky color isn’t always blue. This is the perfect book for any family that has a creative child who thinks outside the box and loves art.



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