Your Baby Can Read

When my children were 4 months old I purchased the Your Baby Can Read system.  I thought to myself, if I can give my children an advantage in this world, why not.  I was a bit skeptical when I saw the infomercials while I was pregnant, but the more I thought about the process of the system it made sense.

Now, my children have reviewed the system for about 14 months.  I am happy to report that they can recognize many words.  Em, seems to know more words then Elle when shown the cards or reading books, but Elle knows her numbers, “1 through 11 (sometimes she counts to 15) and can recognize numbers when shown.”  Not only do my children recognize words from the videos, but they know all of their body parts, and can even express their emotions to me.  The videos are only a small fraction used to help children read.  I credit my children learning words and word patterns to parent and child interaction.  We go over the cards, read books constantly, and they watch the videos about 3 to 4 times a week.  I try not to let them watch a lot of TV, so their video viewing time is limited.  I also go over the letters and their sounds and try to incorporate learning in everything they are exposed to.

Overall, I believe that if you follow Dr. Titzer’s reading system as he recommends your child will truly be able to read.  It is also helpful to realize that small children will learn phonics by learning to recognize word patterns. Although the video doesn’t teach phonics, if you think phonics is key teach it to your children in conjunction with the video.  My daughters enjoy the videos and see them as a treat.  So if you are interested I definitely recommend trying it.

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