FREE Lego Build Today at 5pm (Castle)

One of my kids favorite activities to do is to play with their legos. They also enjoy visiting the Lego store each month to participate in their Lego build.

Today September 12, 2013 Lego Stores across the US are having a lego build.

  • Start Time: 5pm (But at our store we have to get in line about 2 to 3 hours earlier in order to get a ticket.
  • Build Model: Mini Castle Turrent
  • Keep In Mind: Arrive early because most stores only hand out 150 tickets and once the tickets are gone there are no more free builds.
  • Click here to find the closest store near you
  • On the first Tuesday of each month there is a free mini build. Click here to find out more.

View the stores September calendar below.

September Lego Build


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