5 Tips To Get Things Done Around The House

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post entitled, “If I Had a Few Extra Minutes In My Day” now I am happy to report that I have found time to get more things done around the house.  Before, I was able to surface clean, but now I able to get a lot deeper. I am also able to free up some of my leisure time so I can spend more quality time with my husband and children. Here are 5 tips that work for me.

  1. Take a nap with the kids in the day/go to bed when they do (for me it is around 8:00) and then stay up later or get up early and work on things that you need to get done without any interruptions. Resting a little helps keep you refreshed so you won’t be extremely tired the following day.
  2. Set a regular bed time and routine for your children. Not having to convince my children to go to bed each not helps free up my time earlier.  They start to wind-down at the same time every night so the routine helps them know that it is time to relax for bedtime.
  3. Don’t save all your projects for the same time. I try to stay up later or wake up earlier at least once or twice a week. Now I schedule about 2 projects to work on at that time. Planning out when to complete the projects helps relieve the stress of getting things done.
  4. Make a list. We have a white-board in our house where my husband and I write down our projects.  Putting the list down on paper has helped me not forget to do some things I have wanted to get done, an it has also helped me feel more accomplished by being able to check things off of my list.
  5. Get assistance when needed. Not all of your projects can be completed alone.  Recently, my husband got the entire family involved with raking leaves in the yard.  We have a lot of leaves so working together helped raking go a lot faster and it was fun to do as a family.
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