One of the Most useful Gifts to Give This Holiday


In my opinion this is one of the useful gifts to give this holiday and you can get two packs for free.  We live a technology driven world so what powers all of these worldly gadgets? Batteries. Normally, I am on the bandwagon for rechargeable batteries, but many toys that we have advise parents to not to use chargeable batteries and I have seen them work differently after I failed to heed their warning.  This great deal can be found at your local Staples stores.  I believe this deal is in stores only and you have to be a Staples rewards cards member to take advantage of this promotion.

How does it work?  You purchase two 20-pack duracell battery packs for $14.99 each and hand the cashier your Staples rewards cards and in 4-8 weeks you will receive a coupon for your purchase price that you can use for your next Staples purchase.

Savings Tip: Always read the fine print. Just because it says that you are basically getting an item free doesn’t mean it comes in cash or a rebate. I don’t have a problem with Staples rewards because there are always office supplies or ink that I will need.

Staples® Price Match Guarantee
If you find a lower price anywhere else on a new identical item, just show us the lower price when you buy the item at Staples and we will match the price, or within 14 days of your Staples purchase and we will give you the difference.

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