What Would You Do?

Wow! It is really hard to say what I would do, if one of my girls came home with three out four of her ponytails cut.  I think that I would immediately feel disappointed and then I would trim it all evenly.  I am sure the hair would grow back, and like my grandmother would say, It would grow back “thicker than ever.” But I would not lose a friend over 3 ponytails; especially, not a friend that would be willing to watch my children.  On the flip side though, I can’t help but wonder why scissors were at the 3 year old’s reach. I learned my lesson about keeping scissors, even child safety scissors, out of my kiddos reach.

One day my husband came home and asked, “Who scratched up the TV.” Yes, our flat screen was scratched in several small places.  My daughter had a pair of “only cuts paper” scissors,  but managed to scratch the TV.  When I saw her with the scissors I immediately took them away, but I failed to realize the damage that had already taken place. No worries, I didn’t stop speaking to my daughter.  I just got over it and made sure that scissors stay out of her reach.

I think in situations like this, it is important for parents to set a good example for their children. It should be a lesson learned for all and not a friendship lost.

I liked Allison’s answer, but I am curious to know what would you do?

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