10 Tips for Stylish Layering You need to Know #CuddlDuds

There are 10 great layering rules that I learned from my husband and my grandmother.  Those two lovely people, have given me a lot of wisdom that I hope you find just as useful as I have.

  1. Keep your goal in mind. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish?” Do you want to be warm, stylish, trendy, etc. Once you know your goal it will be easier trying to come up with stylish ways to accomplish it.
  2. Order your layers correctly. First, wear your underclothes (cuddl duds, a tank, slip, or camisole), blouse, sweater, outerwear, and then accessories such as scarf, hat, gloves, etc. The value of slips and camisoles (cami) are still relevant because they can smooth lines, hide your “invisibles”, and keep you looking queenly.
  3. Shed a layer. Make sure your layers can be easily removed or added to adjust to changing temperatures. In the summer it is great to wear a sweater/cardigan over a nice sleeveless top to help you stay warm in an air conditioned room, and cool under the sun.
  4. Colors. Alternate various complimentary colors. Know what your flesh tones are and choose colors that help you to stand out and look vibrant. Make sure that the color that pops the most is worn on top. For example, if you wear a muted button-down top, add a pop of color by wearing a bold blazer or sweater on top. Don’t try wearing too many colors all at once, my motto, “Keep it classy, yet sassy!”
  5. Texture. Try various fabrics to create a multidimensional look and feel.  It will add richness to your outfit. Keep in mind that tweed and cashmere are fabulous during the winter. Faux Fur is also a popular this winter and can be dressed up or down (place a belt on top for a sassy and sleek combination). Also keep in mind that linens and organic cotton work great during the summer months to keep a person cool. It is also important to note that during the summer a tank or cami is essential when shedding your clothes to a possible see-through blouse.  It is never sexy to show your body in public, it takes away from your classiness when you do.
  6. Size. Your outerwear should be the largest and heaviest accessory; i.e., coat, blazer, sweater, etc. Overall though, make sure that most of your layers are thin so that your clothes will have a smooth finish without appearing bulky or adding extra weight. You also do not want to over heat.
  7. Keep your layers visible. You want them to be seen so that your look shows depth. You don’t need everything hanging out; instead, consider showing a small piece about an 1″ to allow the piece to be seen neatly.
  8. Don’t over do it. Everyone has seen the celebrity that would have done the world a favor by removing one of his or her unnecessarily accessories. If you think for 1 second that there is too much going on, then it probably is.
  9. Don’t try to match everything you have on. Hat and gloves sets are nice, but can me somewhat elementary.  Consider matching the hat and gloves or scarf and gloves, but not all three. Use your accessories to compliment your clothes and not over power them.
  10. Experiment. Add pizazz to your wardrobe by including stylish belts to cinch the waist and add both style and sophistication. If an outfit or coat came with a belt, consider removing it and trying others to see which belt creates the best look. Have fun while dressing and look in the mirror to see what looks and feels best on you and your body type.

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