From Runway to Everyday

10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks

1. Not all at once

Many of the looks you may see on the runway in many cases just do not work in real life. Many of the ensembles although stylish just won’t work well as an everyday look.  To avoid looking like a lost runway model don’t wear all your trendy pieces at one time.  Pick one or two trendy pieces to wear together, on the runway designers want to show off as many pieces as possible which means wearing more layers and items than is generally feasible in everyday life. Just like with accessories don’t overdo it.

2. Mix and Match

Since you don’t want to wear all the new run way trends at one time how should you wear them? Mix it up. Pair your trendy blouse with some basics like dark blue jeans and a trench coat. You should always keep some basic items in your wardrobe that work well with the ever changing trends.  Nice slim jeans, cardigan or v-neck sweaters, and neutral colored skirts are very versatile and can make a great foundation for building a trendy look.

3. Piece by piece

There is no reason to go to your local mall and buy the exactly outfit they have on the mannequin. Be creative, you don’t want to look like everyone else.  From the looks you like choose specific pieces to buy. For the other pieces of the outfit try to find creative alternatives that still look good. Consider items you already own and how what you buy can work with them to create more options.  Although it may be tempting to buy that trendy skirt you really like it may turn out to be a waste of money if it only goes with one outfit.

4. Get it for cheap

Fashion is cyclical. What is in style now was in style at some point in time before so you can probably get it a lot cheaper at a thrift store if you are willing to do some looking. Many times I have gone to the mall looking for a particular piece of clothing and come away empty handed only to later go into a thrift store and find something very close to what I wanted at 1/10th of the price. Knowing how to use a sewing machine or just a needle and thread is very helpful because you can adjust items to fit you and make small repairs as needed.

5. Start with Accessories and Shoes

In some cases just changing your accessories or shoes can change an average look to something trendy.  Pay attention to what is popular in terms of footwear and accessories. A new hat, necklace or pair of shoes in generally cheap and is an easy way to try out a new trend without a large cash commitment.

6. Shop in your closet

As mentioned above fashion is cyclical so its likely you already have some pieces from which you could build a trendy look. Look in those dark corners of your closet and see what you find.  You may be pleasantly surprised. Even if what you find it not exactly like what is trendy now it may just need some minor alterations at a tailor to be ready to wear.

7. Look for inspiration

Run way shows are not the only place to look for inspiration and see what’s hot for the season. Check out catalogs from your favorite stores and designers.  Search Google for fashion blogs and discussion boards to get involved in. Seeing real people wearing the clothes can help give you ideas on how to wear what you buy and also help you avoid buying things that are poor quality or will not look nice on you.

8. Be yourself

Just because something is trendy does not mean you should wear it. Consider your body type, complexion and personal style before you buy new items. Being trendy and looking nice are two separate things. An attractively dressed person (whether trendy or not) looks better than a person who blindly follows trends without consideration of what works best for them.

9. Know your size

Knowing what size clothing fits your body is important. If you are wearing the latest trends in a size too big or small you will not look nice. Different designers cut their clothes differently and many use vanity sizing. Don’t be afraid to try clothes on, take two or three sizes to the dressing room and only get it if it looks nice. If you shop online get measurements for the garments before ordering and read over the return and exchange policies. If the online vendor has a store nearby go in and try on a similar item before you place your order.

10.  Stay focused

Decide what you want to get and go in to the store and get it. Know what you are looking for and the color and size you need. Don’t get distracted by other items that you don’t need.  Spending hours in the mall browsing the racks may seem interesting but wouldn’t you rather be out with that special someone showing off your trendy new look?
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