Planning Your Wedding From Start to Finish: A 10-Step Checklist

Planning Your Wedding From Start to Finish: A 10-Step Checklist

Getting married is one of life’s milestone events where you want everything to be just perfect on the day. For that to happen, you need to plan everything well in advance.

There are so many aspects of planning your wedding to think about. It makes sense to create a checklist that you can follow to ensure that everything is primed and sorted for the big day.

Working out a budget for the wedding and paying for it is one of your first steps. You could look at financing options by searching for personal loans in Utah, for instance, so you know you have the funds required to get the wedding you want.

Here is a look at the main steps that should be on your wedding checklist.

Funding and venue research

It will help give you enough time to plan your wedding properly if you allow a 12-month timeline from the planning stage to the day you tie the knot.

Some of the first tasks on your checklist should be to research and visit potential venues, talk to wedding stakeholders, and set your wedding budget based on the estimates you get for the number of people who are going to attend.

Finalize the date and guest numbers

The next step should be to agree on a wedding date and venue, finalize a guest list, and confirm this date with essential guests and all the vendors involved.

Sort out hotel and transportation options

With guests likely to be traveling to your wedding from all sorts of places you need to have some hotel room and transportation options sorted to be able to offer these guests.

Plan your entertainment

If you are going to have live entertainment, you need to give as much notice as possible to be certain they can perform on your chosen date. Try to have this booked about nine months before the wedding.

Plan and book your honeymoon

It is nice to have your honeymoon booked with plenty of time to spare. Once you have this sorted and confirmed, you can start dreaming about the holiday and focus your attention on other aspects of your wedding plans.

Start organizing wedding attire

If you are getting married in what you would call a traditional wedding season window, you should get your wedding party attire planned and booked about six months beforehand.

Get the rings sorted

Shopping for wedding bands is an exciting thing to do. It is also something to have done about six months before the big day. That’s another thing on your checklist.

Send out invitations

With the big day getting closer, it is a good idea to send out official invites about five months beforehand.

Confirm final numbers and arrangements

Make sure you confirm all RSVPs at least two weeks before the wedding. It would also be a good idea to ring all of the vendors, photographers, entertainment providers, etc, in order to verify everything is agreed upon and sorted.

Organize gifts

It is traditional to give gifts to family and key members of the wedding party. Make sure you have those sorted in plenty of time for the wedding.

These are some of the essentials that should be on your wedding checklist. Make a list of absolutely everything you can think of, and when you start ticking them off the excitement will start to build.

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