Tips and FAQs: How to Make a Soup Using a Blender

No matter what equipment you have in your kitchen, making the perfect soup still requires a little practice. Once you get it ‘just right’, anything less is considered a waste of your time. These tips below should help both beginner and intermediate soup makers get the most out of their blender. 

The Easy Way

Don’t let consumer blenders fool you into overlooking the power of a Commercial Blender. There is a difference in power, quantity, speed and features. Like any perfect food, making great soup in a commercial blender starts with fresh ingredients and the right recipe. Lacking one of these things will lead to a lesser quality soup at the finish line. 


Don’t get stressed out about the particulars of making soup in a blender. From beginning to end, everything will be on easy mode. Make sure to have everything prepped, and there will be no second guessing the result. 

Order Matters

Unless the recipe calls for it, don’t just throw everything into the blender at once. The order of the ingredients is an important part of making soup in a blender. In most instances, starting with liquid is the preferred option since it is the lightest. It will cover the blades so that the entire blending process goes off without a hitch. 

Heat It Up Naturally

Do you want to know the difference between a consumer and commercial blender? The commercial brand can heat up the soup with the friction of its whirring blades. That leaves one less step for you to go through in a recipe!

Don’t Wait

The longer you wait to clean after making soup in a blender, the harder it will be. Take care of your high-performance blender by having it setup to clean as you’re eating. 

Don’t Just Push the Button

Making soup in a blender can be a short process or an involved one. Some blenders come with buttons that have blending presets to save time. These are optimized to save time, but still require user intervention. No matter how simple the soup, don’t just push a button and walk away. 


The word is out about the effectiveness of blenders that can make soup. Check to see if your question is answered below. If not, then there are a number of resources to help point you in the right direction.  

Can You Use Traditional Recipes?

Yes! Traditional soup recipes made over the stove can be made in a blender.

Are Food Processors the Same Thing?

No, a food processor is meant for shredding, slicing and sometimes pureeing. A blender has the better build for soups since it is made for wetter recipes. 

A Unique Dish

Once you get the hang of making soup in a blender, a new world of cooking opens up. Try a random meal daily or collect recipes from your favorite sources. No matter where you are in the world, there is a popular dish that can be made in the comfort of your own home.

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