Beginners Can Learn the Ropes From Investment Podcasts

Investing is the best way to prepare for your future, but most people don’t know where to start. If you’re tech-savvy and limited on time to learn about investing and investment products, you might enjoy listening to investment podcasts. Investing podcasts can help provide you with very useful information in bite-size chunks while you’re in transit to or from work or on your lunch breaks.

Not Heavy on the Jargon

The best investing podcasts are not overly heavy on the investing jargon. They break words and concepts down in ways that make sense and allow nearly everyone to really understand investments and investing. They simplify it so the whole field of expertise doesn’t go over listeners’ heads, which is exactly what beginners need. If you start listening to an investment podcast and it sounds like something from a boardroom of a major corporation or water cooler talk on Wall Street, you might want to try a different podcast.

Understanding the Risks With Virtual Investments

You can use various investment platforms online, and a lot of investors do. However, you should understand the risks you take in doing so. You should also understand that virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, is an investment in itself and comes with its own unique set of risks. If you are interested in performing all of your investment tasks online or you want to invest in crypto, there are some excellent podcasts and articles for that as well.

Three of the Biggest and Best Investment Podcasts

Not surprisingly, some of the best investment podcasts are those tied to longstanding and experienced investing websites and investment firms. These podcasts won’t steer you wrong and have the most up-to-date and invaluable information for beginners to advanced investors. To get you started the three following podcasts are quintessentially perfect for your needs.

MotleyFool Money

The Motley Fool has been a source of excellent financial information for a few decades now. Investors of all ages and stages have come to know and trust Motley Fool for its sound advice. It’s no surprise that Motley Fool decided to jump on the podcast bandwagon to bring investment soundbites to consumers everywhere. No doubt you have also read Motley Fool’s articles in a magazine or online, and you are already familiar with them. Their podcast is definitely worth the listening time.

The Ramsey Show

Named after the television program of the same name, you will likely find the investment news and topics that interest you most. The Ramsey Show’s podcast brings you investment news that is current to help you decide where your next big investment is going to be.

He predicts with eerily accurate forecasts. He discusses which stocks, bonds, IRAS, crypto, and other investment products are going to jump up and make investors money. It’s almost like following someone with an inside track on the investment world. Which in turn is what any beginner really needs to start investing.

Women and Money by Suze Orman

The investment world is often dominated by males, but one investment expert is female. She delivers no-nonsense advice anyone can follow, but is generally meant for women. Ms. Orman recognized early on in her career that men tend to treat female investors with disdain. Male investment experts tend to steer women in investment directions that just don’t really work.

If you are a woman, you might find some of the lesser investment podcasts off-putting in their address of topics and female investors. However, you may also find the advice you get from Ms. Orman’s podcasts to be respectful and invaluable.

Investment Podcasts Are the Quickest Way to Jumpstart Your Knowledge

Take your cues from some of the richest people in the world. They don’t have time to sit down and read investment info, but they do listen to podcasts. Podcasts are a life hack that have opened the doors to financial wealth. These tips help is not just for the podcasters, but for those that take the advice offered. If you listen to investment podcasts and apply what you learn, it may surprise you how quickly your wealth adds up.

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