Educational Summer Activities Lesson 82

Educational Summer Activities Lesson 82 with Regina Coley

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Which continent has the largest families?

African families have 4.5 children on average, while in Asia they have an average of 2.1 children, in Latin America 2.0, in North America 1.9 and in Europe 1.6. Making African Families larger than other places in the worldLearn More.

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No matter how big an eye is, two eyes are better than one. ~ Yoruba Proverb

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Duro means wait in Yoruba. 

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Educational Summer Activities Lesson 82 with Regina Coley

Grown Folks Section: Learn More About Educational Summer Activities With Regina Coley

It’s summer, and school’s out, which gives families time to explore. Regina Coley stopped by our podcast to share her expertise with us. Regina is the MotivatHER, Educator and Cultivator. It’s her business to help women lead and create change in their communities using powerful and purposeful educational programs. And as a proud mother of eight lovely young ones, she and her husband are homeschooling all but one of their children. Listen in as she gives us the scoop on how her family does homeschooling and what summer education looks like for them.

In this episode’s chat we cover a lot. We talk about what brought the Coley’s to homeschooling and how they conquer the summer months. Here are some of the key points you’ll want to catch:

  • Getting a reluctant partner on board with homeschooling.
  • Ways to go about planning a summer of exploration filled with fun and learning.
  • Suggestions for Google search terms when looking for summer programs and activities for your youth.
  • Ways to avoid the Summer Slide.
  • Some of our favorite places to get great supplies for activities during the summer.
  • Ways to incorporate children of different ages into the learning adventure.

Catch up with Regina at or on InstagramFacebookLinkedin and YouTube @MotivateHER

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In Episode 82, we talk about what brought the Coley's to homeschooling and how they conquer the summer months.


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