Dove Family Reads Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness

Dove Family Reading of Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness by Elle Cole

When I became an author, I learned how beautiful it was to hear people read my books. One of my latest books came after I partnered with Melanin Origins. “Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness” is my first children’s book that I dedicated to my mom who gifted me with a love for Bible stories. The book is a family story about love, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Melanin origins partnered with the YouTube family channel Gordon and Martha Dove. Watch their book reading here:

Of course, hearing the dad read my book to his children was affirming that I had created a story that families can enjoy. I also loved, seeing their children answer questions which solidified that the lesson was fully understood. Their daughter, Taylor Dove shared the lesson she learned, which was “God helped Joseph realize, that just because [Joseph’s brothers] sinned against him and were being mean, doesn’t mean that you get to do it to them because two wrongs don’t make a right.

Her words are spot on, in this life, we will definitely encounter people who do us wrong and it is not right for us to retaliate against them. Instead, if we trust in God and treat people with kindness and goodness God will bless us tremendously and the hearts of those who meant evil may be changed.

The family ended their video on a great note, and stated together, “We overcome evil with love.” Thank you Dove Family storytime for the beautiful book reading.

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One of the comments on the story was wonderful too, The 90s Girl wrote, “This should be applied daily. Things could be so much better if people could learn to overcome evil with love. It’s hard sometimes, but it has to be done to make it in. Great story.”

All of the statements shared prove that the moral lesson of the book was aptly conveyed.

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