Review: Fisher Price Cradle Swing

When my daughter was a baby it seemed like the only way she would sleep soundly was in her swing (Fisher Price’s Nature’s Touch Cradle Swing).  As long as she was swaying back and forth and being rocked to sleep, she kept her eyes closed and allowed her body be lulled to sleep. For a new Mom with twins this was one of the best gifts that I received.  I recommend that all Moms have a swing in their home for days when their child needs some entertainment as well as rest.


1.  The cover was easy to remove and wash.

2.  The cushion was soft and cozy.

3.  It came with an adjustable headrest so my little baby was always comfortable.

4. The nature sounds were soothing, but I rarely ever played them (because it ran down the batteries).

5.  The  swing was able to transition from side-to-side, to a front-to-back position.

6.  The mobile was very cute, and as my children grew it captivated their attention.

7.  The front comes with a little play area attached, which helped keep them engaged as they grew.

8.  The seat had two positions so when my child fell asleep I could recline her in the seat.

9.  The color was neutral.


1. It required the huge D batteries which are expensive.

2.  The batteries ran out quicker than I would have liked.

Update: There is a glider swing now available that can be plugged in and is a great option.


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