Mom Releases A New Book to Show The Joy and Diversity of the Biblical Story of Joseph


I’ve always loved writing. Although writing doesn’t come easily for me, it does feed my soul. I get so excited about words, and my latest project is no different. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered with Melanin Origins to share a new book about Joseph’s biblical character. When I was asked to be a part of the project, I literally asked myself, “Is there anything new I can provide?” I thought about that question for a long time, and then the joy of having a story that sounds beautiful to children’s ears and parents who want to read aloud came to mind. When they were small, I loved reading to my daughters, so I provided families with a rhythmic account of what made Joseph a man of kindness and goodness.

It’s hard to believe that this will be my fourth published book, but I’m thrilled that it will be a book that celebrates family, love, and diversity. Highlighting the three concepts ring true for my first three books as well.

What makes this new book series stand out?

  • The illustrations are incredible.
  • The authors are black professionals.
  • The biblical lessons are clear and not falsified.
  • Each book was written and illustrated with intention.
  • The books make it cool to learn and apply the principles of the fruits of the spirit.

Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness can be purchased on Amazon

We’re now accepting pre-orders for my newest book “Joseph: A Man of Kindness and Goodness” (affiliate)

A special thanks to Melanin Origins for allowing me to be apart of this All in All series which highlights the fruits of the spirit.

Other books in the all in all series are:

Abraham’s Great Love

Elisha: A Man of Gentleness & Self-Control

Esther: The Queen Of Peace

The Faithfulness of Daniel

About the Publisher

A few years ago, I had Louie and Frank from Melanin Origins on my Podcast. They were phenomenal guests from Texas who shared their Black History Curriculum for children. What really stood out to me about these two men was their passion for literacy and education. They are single dads who put their money and time into their publishing business, and I salute their efforts.

Connect with them on their social media channels:




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