Developing an Interest in Reading Lesson 75

Our guest today is Fatmata who is a nurse practitioner, a children’s book author, a military wife, and the owner of a staffing agency. She’s a multifaceted woman from Sierra Leone, living in America and raising her 3-year-old son alongside her military spouse. Today she spoke with us about motherhood, how her son is developing an Interest in Reading, the impact of books on the lives of our children, and raising a confident Black boy in America.

Something to Explore:

When did Sierra Leone gain its independence? 

April 27, 1961

African Proverb 

A big fish is caught with big bait. – Sierra Leonean Proverbs 

Word of the Episode

Keh means “to demonstrate” or “to teach” in Mende.

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Grown Folks Section: How Fatmata Jalloh is Developing an Interest in Reading with Her Son

She is deeply connected to humanitarian work and does what she can to make her mark as a social justice advocate. As a child, she always had a deep love for books and reading. She sees them as a way to encourage growth and imagination, as well as a reminder of our limitless potential. In this episode we cover:

  • How Fatmata handled immigrating to the US.
  • How she makes reading an immersive and individualized experience for her toddler.
  • What inspired her to become an author.
  • How being a military spouse is expanding her horizons.
  • Plans for future books. 
  • Developing an interest in Reading by sharing books that show representation with her son.

You can purchase Fatmata’s book, My Beautiful Son at or on Amazon. All proceeds go to furthering social justice reform and literary causes in the US and Sierra Leone. You can also connect with her on Instagram.

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