Authoring Our Own Stories With Melanin Origins Lesson 27

Louie and Frank from Melanin Origins discuss creating and authoring books and curriculum for youth | the Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 27

Supplementing your child’s education is important. In today’s episode, we speak to Frank and Louie who are dedicated to educating Amerian children. Both men are dads who are making a difference in the publishing world by authoring stories that reflect a diverse audience. Their company is called Melanin Origins. We are eager to share this conversation with you. If you have future show topics on your mind that you want us to discuss, please share the topic in the comment section below.

Louie and Frank are authoring stories that reflect a #diverse audience via their company Melanin Origins | the Cleverly Changing #Podcast Episode 27


The African Proverb for this week’s episode:

“The sayings of the wise are like sharp sticks that shepherds use to guide sheep.”

Word of the Episode (1:41)

Asante means thank you in Swahili.

Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:05)

One of our Cleverly Cultured kids will share a brief report about a living African American pioneer. Today’s report highlights Crystal Windham, Director of Interior Design for Cadillac. You can learn more about her in this article.

Grown Folks Convo With Melanin Origins (4:35)

Louie McClain and Frank Minikon are the founders of Melanin Origins, a global publishing company that specializes in children’s books that highlight African and African American history. These two men are championing our role in history and bringing a deeper self-awareness to our children. Not only do they publish stories, but they also write them. From engaging autobiographies to original works, there’s a lot to choose from. You can find their books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and MelaninOrigins. Melanin Origins is also a proud advocate for sickle cell anemia and donate to charities that work hard to help those who are living with sickle cell.

Authoring Stories that Reflect Diversity

We discuss their books, activism and their contributions to education. Listen in on all the ways Melanin Origins offers support to their community, teachers, parents and homeschoolers. Here are some of this episode’s highlights:

  • Origin story of Melanin Origins and the nature of their publishing house.
  • Sickle Cell Anemia and literature.
  • Melanin Origins Black history curriculum.
  • The stigma that surrounds being militant and proactive within the community.
  • Teaching children to tap into their own greatness and being themselves.
  • The ways these two dads bring out the light in their children.
  • Consumerism in children versus distribution.
  • Ways to encourage children to discover and dig deeper in their interests and talents.
  • What it was like for them when they were matriculating through school.
  • Ways to fortify ourselves and our children.

Exclusive Gift From Melanin Origins

Use code “cleverlychanging” to purchase the Melanin Origins Black History Curriculum

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Louie and Frank are authoring stories that reflect a #diverse audience via their company #MelaninOrigins | the Cleverly Changing #Podcast Episode 27
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