How Big Families Find Cheap Clothes

How Big Families Find Cheap Clothes

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For some reason, children keep growing. They won’t stop!

As a mother of 6, I have to find ways to buy nice clothes at affordable prices. This can be kind of tough depending on where you live. Some people love thrift stores or use hand-me downs, some of us prefer shopping sales, and then some have discovered online boutiques or consignment shops. Everyone has a method to handle the madness that is a large family. Here is mine:

Thrift stores

Shopping at thrift stores can be great depending where you live. I live in a large size metro are (1.3 million) so we have tons of thrift stores. Some have great prices and others are charging WAAAAY too much for used faded items. Either there is a lot of time and energy involved in carting a large family around town looking for deals.

Hand-me Downs

It is a great concept to pass clothes and shoes from one child to another. Having 4 boys, I’ll say; this is not that realistic. Once one boy grows out of his clothes they are destroyed for the most part. I have not had much better luck with girl clothes either (nail polish stains, slime, etc). Special garments, however, do normally survive long enough to be passed down!

Retail Sales

My preferred method is online shopping. No dragging sleepy toddlers in stores or asking cranky teens to watch the cranky toddler. I normally shop end of season clearance sales in prep for future. I grab clothing AT LEAST 1-2 sizes up for the same as what thrift stores are charging for used items. I store in storage totes by size until I need it. The best deals I have found are typically at your major kids retailers, and sometimes “big box” stores have great deals as well.

Online/local consignment sales

Some areas of the USA have seasonal consignment sales which allow you to sell your kids clothes, toys, etc and shop for your family too. If you volunteer at the sales you can get extra discounts of merchandise. However, each sale is run differently so discounts, selection and pricing can vary greatly. There are also some chain kids consignment stores around the country. I have found great deals at the end of a season.

Three Peas in a Pod

I just found this one!!! They provide great quality baby and children’s boutique clothing and accessories at prices we moms of many can afford. As a mom of 2 girls, I was able to find items to fit their princess personality. I grabbed a Darth Vader jacket for my Star Wars fan son. He won’t take it off!!

The website has beautiful pictures so you know exactly what you are getting. Three Peas in A Pod has looks for every season and even a Final Sale section! If you know a new mom, there are gift cards available as well. Go check out the site, you wont be disappointed.

There is no wrong way to find deals for your large family. Make sure you browse the Three Peas in a POD site next time you shop online.

Big families can aways find good deals by searching online. Places that let you stack coupons are big families favorite. So how do you find clothes for your kids at great prices? Please weigh-in in the comment section below.

About the sponsor

A little bit about Three Little Peas, It is an Online Upscale Resale Store & Boutique, we sell children’s clothing & accessories sizes Newborn to 14Y. I sell upscale higher end brands at affordable prices (at least 40% off retail price). We are certified retailers for a few different companies as well, Itzy Ritzy, Ryan & Rose, Lily & Momo are a couple. I started this company for a few different reasons. But, my biggest reason for starting this company is to recycle, reuse and to expand a community. I have met some amazing people in the BST community and I wanted to expand that. One of my favorite things is to see other families in items they bought from TLP. I am a small business and everyday we are growing bigger and bigger. 

This post was written by guest writer Ayo. She is a wife, mom of 6, and homeschool educator.

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