Representation Matters with Kya Johnson

Representation Matters with Kya Johnson on the Cleverly Changing Homeschool Podcast

Rainbow Me Kids was created to help families of color see people who look like them. Kya Johnson is a women in STEM and today we celebrate her within this Women’s History Month. Her technology media company, Rainbow Me Kids, shows us all that representation matters. The company was also awarded is a BeyGood grant, which is a grant from Beyonce Knolls Carter to help keep the company running beyond the pandemic. Tune in and learn more about how children can be inspired by the diverse books that Rainbow Me Kids creates.

The African proverb for this week’s podcast is: (1:12)

“It’s the parent who knows the child’s joy. – Kenyan proverb
Deconstructed, this proverb means that close relationship and love is the way to understand somebody else’s feelings…”

Word of the Episode ( 1:37)

"Kwaheri" means goodbye in Swahili.

The Grown Folks Section: (4:27)

Today’s guest is Kya Johnson  who is the Founder and CEO of RainbowMe Kids. Kya is also a lawyer by trade but her passion lies in her role to provide educational resources for families. She offers magical augmented reality books and journals, immersive podcasts experiences, and entertaining video streaming for kids ages 2-12 to encourage creativity, imagination, and innovation.

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