How Are You Finding New Ways to Add Protein

3 ways to Add Protein:

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Did you know that “Meat production is responsible for an estimated 24% of global greenhouse gases every year. Greenhouse gases include methane production from animals, carbon dioxide from deforestation, and nitrous oxide from fertilizer” (11 Facts About Meatless Monday That Will Inspire You To Reach For The Veggies). When we choose to be more mindful about consuming less meat we can help reduce these gases and encourage less meat production. Now that we are talking about Meatless Mondays, which has grown in popularity over the years we still have to find ways to add protein into our diets.

Here are 3 ways to include more protein in your diet, which can help make Meatless Mondays more filling.

Prepare Homemade Smoothies

One way to increase your protein intake is by preparing smoothies. You can add a protein mix, peanut butter, or oatmeal to your smoothie to sneak protein that tastes good into your diet.

Cook With Mushrooms

Adding mushrooms or plant-based meat alternatives can help fill a person up and even act a meat substitute within different meals. 

Eat Protein Puffs

I recently had an opportunity to try HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs. They are another simple way to pack in the protein so your body is receiving the nutrients it needs.  The flavor was unusual for me and my family so we are still getting use to them. 

3 ways to Add Protein:

According to we need protein in our diets to help our body repair cells and make new ones. Protein is also important for growth and development in children, teens, and pregnant women (source).

Reader participation:

What are some creative ways that you include more protein into your diet?

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