Dyslexia and Redefining Labels

Dyslexia and redefining labels | the CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 47

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The Cleverly Changing podcast is meant to encourage you as you teach your children. Right now our kids need us to listen, be attentive, and help them learn even in the midst of adversity. 

Our conversation for episode 47 centers around how one mother with a learning difference (dyslexia) overcame challenges and is now an author, illustrator, and homeschool mom. 

(01:26) The African proverb for this week’s podcast is:”I am because we are” – Ubuntu philosophy

Dyslexia and redefining labels

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Word of the Episode (1:53)

"Moninga" means friend in Lingala, a language spoken in the Congo.

The Grown Folks Section: Francis has Redefined Dyslexia in her Life (02:30)

Frances Jones a proud dyslexic, self published children’s book author, speaker, literacy advocate, learning enthusiast and refreshingly creative homeschool mom and coach!

Mrs. Jones is also the author of the Cricket Curls Adventures series. The motivational series for children was inspired by her daughter. Cricket Curls Adventures is also dedicated to little girls and boys who love themselves and who they are becoming.  This series aspires to encourage every child to shoot for the stars while loving who they were created to be! Please show Frances some support from the Cleverly Changing listening family.

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There is No Compacity to learning - Frances Jones
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