3 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself Better

How to treat yourself better

Life can become very stressful. It doesn’t matter what kind of job or home-life you have, whether you are studying or about to retire, although we would all like an easy life, that just doesn’t happen. At least not all of the time. When stressful moments are upon you, it is crucial that you work out a way to de-stress yourself so you don’t make yourself unwell. There are many different ways this can be done, and one of them is to treat yourself. Far from being selfish, giving yourself a special treat can prevent you from becoming more stressed and overwhelmed, and can even reduce stress levels. Here are some ideas on ways to give yourself a treat. 

Reward Yourself, You Deserve It 

The easiest way to give yourself a real treat is to buy yourself something that will make you happy. Because it’s meant to be something that makes you smile and stops you feeling stressed, ideally it should be something you want, rather than something you need. Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this treat, so something like a box of chocolates, a new DVD or movie download, a book, or a new piece of clothing, for example, would be perfect. 

If you want to buy yourself something that you can enjoy long term, why not sign up for a subscription service? There are plenty out there including Scent Magic which will deliver perfumes to you. You can pick your favorite item and look forward to something new coming each month. 

Have a Good Breakfast 

Breakfast is, they say, the most important meal of the day, and yet it is the one that most people, if they are going to skip a meal, miss out on. Busy mornings getting ready for work or school, needing extra sleep so not getting up in time to have a tasty breakfast, it all adds up and can cause problems. Not having breakfast means your body and mind aren’t able to wake up properly and start functioning correctly, so if you were feeling stressed before you skipped breakfast, you’ll feel even worse by the time lunch comes around (or even dinner if you’re extra busy). 

You should make it a rule to always have breakfast, even if it is a piece of fruit or slice of toast as you are leaving the house, but when you want to treat yourself you should make breakfast something very special. You might even want to enjoy it in bed if that makes you feel relaxed. For a breakfast treat, you should take your time over the meal and prepare it carefully, ensuring you have enough time to eat it without rushing. If you’re unsure what to have, a good breakfast might consist of:

  • Eggs and spinach
  • Orange juice
  • Apple pie porridge 
  • A bagel covered in cream cheese and salmon
  • A plate of bacon and eggs with a good strong cup of coffee 

Give Yourself a Pamper Day 

When you think of treating yourself, you might automatically go to the idea of a spa day, complete with massages, facials, a steam room, essential oils, and time to yourself to really relax. This is certainly one option, but it is something that is usually reserved for a special occasion as it is costly. 

If you still want the spa experience but you want to do it at home to save you money and time, you can do it. You will need to invest in some good moisturizer and exfoliant, and you can make your own body scrub using easy to find items such as oats, honey, and lemon juice. Set up some scented candles around your tub and soak for a while listening to music. Pour in some essential oils for the full spa experience. 

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