7 Days of Self-Care for Moms Before School Starts

7 Days of Self-Care for Moms before School Starts

Once we become parents our self-care can often be overlooked. Especially during the school year, when we are busy managing our home and kids’ schedules. As a busy mom, we can often feel overwhelmed with other duties and not take out the time we need to take care of ourselves.

I’m not sure about how you feel, but to me, it feels like school just ended a week ago. Now it’s almost time for all of us to get back in the daily school grind. Hopefully, while summer was underway,  you’ve enjoyed spending quality time your children. And you’ve taken some time to vacation or have a short “staycation” before school starts again. If you are a mom or guardian, take this week before school starts to treat yourself to something special that you may not have time for during the school year such as the pampering treats I list below.

A daily self-care guide to pampering yourself

Mani Monday

Get a pedicure or manicure. If the budget doesn’t allow for you to go to a fancy boutique, set up a mini station at home and do your nails yourself. Self-care isn’t about what others are doing for you, it’s more about what you are doing to take care of yourself.

Basic Supplies needed:

  • Premium polish or faux press-on nails
  • nail guard
  • Polish Remover
  • Q-tips
  • Nail clipper
  • Emory Board
  • Nail file

7 Days of Self-Care for Moms before School Starts

Tech Tuesday

Go out for a movie night with friends or pop some gourmet popcorn at home. Then, put your feet up relax, and watch something you’ve been wanting to see.

Workout Wednesday

Take a free class at your local gym. Try a class that you’ve never tried before like a water aerobics, kettle bells, or kick boxing or spin cycling class.

Talk Thursday

Do you have a friend that you haven’t talked to in ages? If so, now is the time to call him or her a call to chat. Relationships are important so spend some time catching up. Be a friend.

7 Days of Self-Care for Moms before School Starts

Foodie Friday

Go out to eat. Treat yourself to a delicious meal that you didn’t have to already prepare. As an alternative, you can buy yourself a yummy treat that you love.

7 Days of Self-Care for Moms before School Starts

Sleep-in Saturday

Chances are you aren’t getting enough sleep, many people don’t. One Saturday set aside some extra time to relax. Don’t schedule anything and let your body rest.

Spa Sunday

Wouldn’t a facial and a massage be great right about now? If you can, book a spa session for a full Swedish body massage. If you need to have a spa day at home here are a few tips to keep in mind from Babble Pamper Yourself: DIY Tips for a Spa Day at Home.

Regardless of how much time you have, making sure you do at least one thing for yourself each day can help keep you feeling refreshed. It is common for parents to take care of everyone but themselves such as the family pet, kids, grandparents, etc. In the process try not to over look your own personal needs.

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