Easy New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

Easy New Year's Resolutions For 2020 | CleverlyChanging Featured in a Daily Planner

Another year has come and gone and now we are entering into a brand new year and a brand new decade. This new decade is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and enter into a new chapter of life altogether. Setting resolutions for 2020 is my way of mapping out new intentional habits.

And with this fresh new start, we can intentionally make this year the best year of our lives. All we have to do is intentionally set goals that we want to accomplish for the year. However, when thinking about these goals, it is important to make them as realistic as possible so that we can actually accomplish them. Below is a list of doable New Year’s resolutions that will not only make us happier but will also improve our health as well.

Resolutions For 2020 Tip #1 Learn how to control your breath

Breathing is the most basic, yet one of the most powerful functions that your body performs every single day. Take a few minutes every day and learn how to control how you breathe. This will teach you how to exhale all of your negative feelings and free up your mind to be healthier and have more space to manage all of your emotions, good and bad. You can easily start with just breathing for five minutes a day and build up to where you work on your breathing for thirty minutes.

Resolutions For 2020 Tip #2 Read more often

Whether you are able to stretch out on your bed or if you are just cozying up on your couch under your favorite blanket, reading more books is a great way to force yourself to relax more often while also expanding your mind and learning more about the world. If you do not currently read much at all, set a goal to read one book a month to start out with and add in more as you get better at it. It will help you learn how to focus better, improve your memory, and give you better sleep at night as an added bonus. And while we’re discussing sleep, it is important to have a good, comfortable mattress to get the best sleep we can.

Resolutions For 2020 Tip #3 Choose to watch what you eat

Most people, more than half of the population even, would say that their diet is not the healthiest. What we put into our bodies defines how we feel, it affects our brains, our bodies, and even out moods. If you are like most other people and do not have the best diet, make a resolution to eat better this year. Start with very small changes that are feasible based on where you are starting and work on making bigger changes as you turn it into a habit.

Resolutions For 2020 Tip #4 Learn a new hobby

There are so many benefits when it comes to learning something new. It actually rewires your brain so that it has increased speed and strength. This helps your critical thinking skills and helps prevent cognitive decline as you get older throughout the year. Not only is learning a new hobby good for your brain, but it is also plain out fun and gives you something new to look forward to. It is something to do when you have time to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of life.

Resolutions For 2020 Tip #5 Practice being kind to yourself

Thanks to the age of technology and social media that we live in, it is easier than ever to see other people and compare ourselves to others. For this reason, we tend to be quite critical and hard on ourselves. This year, resolve to practice building yourself up and being proud of the things that you accomplish. Pride yourself on your strength, your imperfections, and your potential for how much you know you will be able to grow as the year goes on. If you notice yourself being critical to yourself, force your mind to redirect by saying aloud things that you love about yourself and are proud of.

Resolutions For 2020 Tip #6 Start exercising more

Due to how hectic life seems to be and how everything is seemingly instantly handed to us in seconds, we have become a very stationary people. If you don’t exercise often, just start by walking just a few times a week and build up until you can go on a jog or lift weights with ease. You will be surprised at how good you feel physically, and how much just a little bit of exercise enhances your mood.

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