The Best Sleep Of Your Life

The best sleep of your life

Have you ever seen someone brag about how little sleep they are getting? The implication, of course, is that they are working hard and playing hard. However, the third side of that triangle is to rest hard as well. For some oddball reason, many people like to revel in their lack of sleep.

Your brain can’t clean its cells without sleep

Your brain cannot clean itself out during the day. Certain neurotoxins build up in the brain throughout your waking hours. It is only during a good, long sleep that these cell toxins are cleaned out.

Have you ever found that you can’t perform work or school tasks as well when you are low on sleep? That is because the cells in your brain need to be cleaned out and made healthy and strong again. The best thing you can do for yourself is getting a good night’s sleep. Do this before a test instead of staying up and cramming. This is particularly true if you are already low on sleep. Your cramming session will become less and less effective as the night wears on and by the time you take your test, you won’t be able to think hardly at all.

Simple cat naps in the day can boost your immune system

Fortunately, you can noticeably strengthen both your brain and your immune system by getting enough sleep. If you need a top-off throughout the day, little cat naps will do the trick.

Many people feel most comfortable stretching out on their made bed. However, if you still want to guard your house and keep in touch with the goings-on around you, you can curl up on a chair from and sleep away. Since it comes with both heat and massage, you can relax without having a lot of extra attachments. 

Short naps throughout the day also compliment someone who just generally has a heavy work schedule. Even if they get enough sleep at night, doctors and nurses typically take advantage of short napping periods which are few and far between. This helps them with their intense and often hectic schedule. Entrepreneurs and people who are intense workaholics often need these little timed breaks throughout the day to keep their bodies (and their psyches) in good condition on a regular basis.

If you can’t sleep, these tips will help:

Eat more for breakfast and eat sparingly for supper. Breakfast and lunch should be your time for deep splurges into your foodie fantasies. When it comes to supper, though, keep it light and sparing. Digestion requires a large amount of energy, and you want this energy to be mostly devoted to relaxing your body when in bed. If it is devoted to digesting food, it can actually make your restless and uneasy when you’re trying to relax.

A half hour of light cardio before bed brings on heavy sleep. A light 30 minutes on an elliptical machine or an easy running pace on a treadmill are great ways to get your body feeling relaxed and endorphin-filled just in time for bed. Intimacy with your partner can also produce the same effect. Endorphins also prevent your mind from “overthinking” when you try to drift off to sleep.

Schedule extra-long naps on the weekend to catch up on your sleep bank. We all have a sleep bank. Any sleep you lose must be caught up on in addition to the sleep you already need the following night. All of this catching up can be difficult to pull off on a busy weeknight. However, schedule three and four-hour naps on the weekends can help you catch up while also preparing you for a longer sleep on most weeknights.

Work hard, play hard, rest hard

Sleep is the number one self-care method you can use on yourself. Pampering, friends, and even family all come second to your need for deep, peaceful, powerful sleep. If you identify something that is making your nervous, causing you to tense up, or to feel ashamed or afraid at all, fix this problem immediately. Sleep is not a renewable resource. You have to stay on top of it.

Your priorities should always be to take care of your rest needs first. Neither work nor play can be done well without a prerequisite of deep travels into dreamland.

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