March 2019

Co-ops and Support Episode 5 of the CleverlyChanging Podcast

Homeschool Co-ops and Support

History (0:20) Episode 5 is all about cooperation. In the ancient nation of Kush, trade was an avenue of cooperation among the people. While the cultural significance of the history of Kush doesn’t have a direct tie-in, I chose this civilization because they mastered trade and working with their hands together in a community. The […]

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New Channels on Comcast Broadenin the African American Voice

Comcast Helps Broaden the African American Voice Through Afro and CLEO TV #Comcast #Afro #CleoTV

After Comcast merged with NBC Universal in 2011, they were given several guidelines by the Justice Department. Comcast is not only making good on these guidelines but has officially fulfilled it’s distribution requirement to broadly distribute 10 new Independently-owned channels. Eight of the channels were required to be owned and operated by people of multicultural

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Cleverly Changing podcast - Answers To Your Questions Episode 4

Answers To Your Questions

In Episode 4 we provide answers your questions about homeschooling. We also briefly talk about kids using paper versus digital resources. Early in my homeschool experience, I realized that my kids learned differently on paper than they do when they are using a computer. So today’s history segment is all about the early history of

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