Nutritional Concerns Can Keep You From Trying A New Healthy Diet

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There was a time when people didn’t give much thought to their diet. Sometimes the reason came down to overall scarcity. But more recently it had a lot to do with a misunderstanding about what food does for us. Food tended to just get lumped into “healthy” or “unhealthy” categories. But today we have a broader understanding of how diet affects our day-to-day life. 

One of the biggest points of understanding comes from knowing that food is essentially a delivery mechanism for nutrients. This can include fiber, protein, minerals and of course vitamins. Most of these tend to be present to some extent in most food. But it’s often quite a bit more difficult to properly balance vitamin and mineral intake. 

This is further complicated by diets which push some foods more heavily than others. Or diets such as veganism or vegetarianism which fully eliminate entire food categories. What’s more, people sometimes even impair their long-term health by letting vitamin intake scare them away from different lifestyles. 

Veganism is probably one of the more common examples. The idea of avoiding meat and dairy is appealing for many reasons. Some come to it for ethical reasons. Others note how often a vegan diet helps people shed excess weight. But the amount of people who stick with a vegan diet is relatively small. Many people end up feeling weak or tired as they try out their new diet. And this usually comes down to an issue with vitamin intake. 

Diet and vitamins

In fact, many people who decide to eat a healthier diet end up feeling worse as time goes on. It’s somewhat counter-intuitive, but most of these cases come down to malnutrition. In the process of trying to eat healthier, they end up decreasing the overall nutritional content of their diet. The exception comes when people also take vitamins for women as a part of their nutritional journey.

The reason is that a multivitamin covers most of the highly variable parts of a person’s diet. Protein is almost always going to be there to some extent. And the same goes with fiber. But vitamins and minerals tend to be extremely variable on a food-by-food basis. 

Processed foods often get around this problem through enrichment. They’ll essentially have vitamins and minerals added to them. This helps shield people from nutritional deficiencies that would otherwise be extremely common. But when people try to improve the quality of their diet they’ll often say goodbye to processed foods. And in doing so, they’ll lose that extra supplementation added during the preparation phase. 

New trends and new diets

Many current health trends will help cover those deficiencies. But the best foundation, again, comes from full supplementation with a multivitamin. This can provide someone with the freedom to really experiment with their diet. They can try out new foods without having to constantly micromanage what vitamins are present in every single ingredient. 

Of course, over time it’s a good idea to try matching diet to nutritional need. But this is a longer-term goal that people usually need to work toward. Modern culture is so out of phase with true healthy eating that it can take years to really discover an ideal diet which matches one’s individual needs. 

Ensuring that one can try out a new healthy diet

By supplementing with a multivitamin one is guarding against the most common reason for quitting a new diet. That feeling of lethargy or extreme hunger is usually a result of malnutrition. The body suddenly lacks important vitamins. You won’t know which food it is that you need. But you’ll know that something’s missing. But with supplementation, you have all of those needs met even before a meal. 

This also helps to address other issues with the standard diet. For example, there are other unexpected effects from processed foods that we’re only now discovering. Moving away from these foods can leave the body confused. And people are naturally concerned when they feel sudden urges for unhealthy foods. They might begin to think they need to abandon the new healthy diet for health reasons. 

It’s hard to know if a craving for food is out of nutritional necessity or whether the body’s simply working through a sugar craving. But when one is ensuring dietary needs are met it’s quite a bit easier to answer that question. And, as a result, one can more easily stick with a healthy diet.

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