Health Trends That Actually Work

Health Trends That Actually Work

It sometimes seems like the wellness industry falls in love with a new health craze every week.

Cut through the fluff and you’re left with the ideas that really help. How can you figure out what’s air and what’s substance? There are a few strategies available to you.

You can use your own reason. If someone tries to tell you that eating grass cures migraines, question it. Ask them what they’re basing their conclusions on.

Your smartphone can help you if you get stuck. Search “does eating grass cure migraines” on Google. If you don’t come up with a lot of supporting evidence, the claim is suspect.

Some of the health trends people buzz about are worth following. Below are just a few of the most commonly known and popular ones.

Drink Lemon Water

A few years ago, people began touting the benefits of starting the day with a warm glass of lemon water. The overall consensus? It’s actually a good idea.

Your body becomes dehydrated overnight while you sleep. You need water to function properly. Adding lemon juice to the glass increases the health benefits.


Ok, meditation isn’t exactly a trend. People have been promoting its benefits for thousands of years. However, it’s popularity in the West has been soaring in the past few years. Both the medical community and the wellness industry are embracing meditation as a way to calm anxiety and promote mental strength.

You can meditate anywhere. Devoting just five minutes a day to the practice should be enough to trigger positive changes.


Turmeric is set to eclipse avocado as the go-to ingredient for health-conscious foodies. You can find it everywhere. The spice is being added to smoothies, lotions, etc. People believe that turmeric can help treat a variety of health diseases. That’s because it’s loaded with curcumin, a compound scientists suspect has a strong effect on your body.


Vaping is growing more popular but remains very controversial. Some people are even vaping their vitamins. Vaping, isn’t something that I personally recommend, but if you want to learn more about what it is and why it has become a major topic, then check out this site for flavor ideas: There are many different options available.

Plant a Garden

With the rise of indoor gardening kits, modern people are discovering their green thumbs. Planting a decorative or a vegetable garden is a great way to relax. You can nurture a living thing and watch it grow. If you planted vegetables or fruit, you can feed your family with the spoils of your crop.

Many cities feature community garden plots that you can utilize.

Butter Coffee

Nutritionists have reversed course on butter. The once despised fat is now being lauded as a health superfood. Adding butter to coffee is particularly popular. You can dose yourself with fat and caffeine at the same time, providing fuel for the morning.

To make your coffee even healthier, avoid using sweeteners.

Skip the Booze

A party without alcohol? A rising trend among the health-conscious is to host sober parties. Instead of being hosted in bars and late-night restaurants, these parties are being held in sedate tea shops and libraries.

People want to indulge at parties. If alcohol is off the menu, try to replace it with something else. A fragrant, herbal tea or fresh-squeezed juice are appealing choices.

Order Online

Meal subscription services are wildly popular. Even inexperienced home cooks can whip up delectable meals with the help of a curated box of ingredients and instructions.

Other services go a step further and provide ready-to-eat meals. You can find a company that suits your nutritional goals like increasing your fat or cutting out animal protein. Having all of your meals prepared by someone else isn’t cheap but it can make life easier.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is rich in nutrients. It’s known for promoting strong gut health and helping to reduce joint pain. As a vegetarian, this isn’t one I know about from my own first-hand experience, but I’ve seen packages of it at my nearest grocery stores. It’s also easy to make if you don’t want to purchase it. Just add bones, vegetables, and water to a stockpot. Simmer for hours and then strain. The exact time depends on the type of bone you use.

You’re introduced to so many new health crazes in modern society that it can be hard to determine what’s real. However, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Some of the ideas hyped by society by a valuable.

Your health matters. Following the tips listed in this guide has been demonstrated to be effective.






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