Five Great Ways to Protect Your Family From the Flu #CDCFLU

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC):

• Everyone 6 months of age and older is recommended to be vaccinated against the flu.
• The flu vaccine provides protection that lasts through the flu season.
• The flu vaccine is updated each season to protect against the three flu viruses that research indicates will cause the most illness.
• You need to get the 2010-11 seasonal flu vaccine even if you got the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine last season.
• If you or your kids do not like shots, the flu vaccine is also available in mist form. For more information on this, ask your doctor or visit

Below are 5 easy tips that you can use to help protect your family from the flu:

1.  Wash your hands. A child is never to young to have clean hands.  It is important to keep your hands clean to prevent germs from spreading; this is especially important for young children who put their fingers and hands into their eyes and mouths.

2. Limit sugar intake. Sugar can weaken the immune system.  It is our immune system that helps us fight off infections and illness.

3.  Get your vitamin D. Sunshine and fresh air will literally help build your immune system.  At least 10 minutes of sunshine a day will give the body much needed vitamin or you can take vitamin D supplements.

4.  Eat foods that boost your immune system. For instance, garlic, fruits, and nuts help boost our immune system so add some fresh garlic to your meals. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and kiwis are some fruits loaded with vitamin C that strengthen our immune systems.  Nuts are a great source of vitamin E.

5. Get a flu shot. Getting the flu shot does not give a person the flu and is considered by many doctors the best way to prevent the flu.  A seasonal flu vaccine is given to prevent certain strands of the flu. To find out which flu strands this years vaccine is helping to protect people against, please click here.

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