The Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers – Adagio Teas Gift Review

Adagio Teas Gifts

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The perfect morning breakfast to me is spearmint tea, with fresh baked buttermilk biscuits and homemade jam. Neither are too heavy and both are comforting. Tea in the mornings helps me relax and focus as I get ready for the day. Surprisingly, it has taken me years to find the right selections of gourmet teas. So when I was given an opportunity to try Adagio teas gift sets, I knew I would be willing to try any of their tea supplies so I could get a fresh taste of what’s new and unique in the tea market. As a mom, I also love that tea is a beverage our entire family can enjoy together because herbal teas are kid friendly and most do not contain caffeine.




Self-care and Tea

Are you looking for ways to relax or the perfect gift? Are you looking for something that will provide you with the same comfort as going to a spa? Well, maybe not the exact same comfort, but drinking tea is a huge part of my own personal self-care routine. So much so, that I want to share with you my love for tea because it’s a healthy inexpensive way to relax and unwind.

I grew up drinking herbal teas like the rest of the world seems to drink coffee. I love the warmth of tea and the fresh aroma that fills the room as it brews. Soothing teas, take me to a happy place where I’m content whether it’s warm and flowery or iced and sweet.

Adagio Teas Gifts

Adagio Teas

Some people wake up in the morning and can’t seem to get their day going right unless they have their cup of coffee. I’m similar with tea. I love to drink tea first thing in the morning, even before I get breakfast.

A minty aroma in the morning wakes me up. Putting my lips on my mug and sipping some well steeped tea helps me feel alive, awake, and energized. Adagio Teas’, Vanilla Rooibos was my favorite from their tea chest. Vanilla Rooibos is light and sweet and I enjoy each slow sip and it smells heavenly too.

Adagio Tea Infuser Mug

The Infuser mug is a great home accessory if you like loose leaf teas and herbs. I love that the mug comes with a top so that your tea can easily steep. I also want to mention that the mug is thin, but durable. My daughter, age 10, has claimed the cup own and it has continued to hold up to wear and tear from a child and is dishwasher safe.

Adagio Teas Gift Set

Adagio ToasTEA Insulated Travel Mug & Infuser

The travel mug is my favorite product from Adagio Teas because it keeps my tea hot for long hours throughout the day. Basically, I put my hot tea in the mug at breakfast and when I sipped on it near lunchtime I was shocked to find out that it was still warm. 

Adagios Teas Gift Set - Tea Chest

Tea Chest

The tea chest makes a great office, housewarming or neighborly gift. The chest provides elegant sturdy storage for your tea that looks great on a coffee table. It also a chest that you can refill when needed and works well when you’re serving guests too, so they can pick the type of tea they like best.

Cloister Honey

Cloister Honey orange blossom is sweet smooth and light. It doesn’t have an orange flavor but is silky smooth and delicious in any cup of Adagio’s tea selection.

Adagio Teas Makes Great Gifts

Other Adagio Teas Gift Options

When the teas arrived my daughter was so excited because she loves to drink herbal tea. Here’s her helping me with the unboxing.




Visit and look through the variety of teas and other products they sell. Here are a few of my favorites below.

Adagio Teas 30 oz. utiliTEA Variable Temp Electric Kettle 

  • The Electric Kettle makes hot water quickly and is a great gift for someone who enjoys tea.

Adagio Teas Citron Green Loose Green Tea, 16 oz.

  • Loose teas like their green tea, seems more potent and flavorful.

Adagio Teas Value Pack

  • This value pack comes with everything a tea-lover would like to have at home or in an office.

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