Playtex BPA Free Ventaire Advanced Nursers

I searched for inexpensive bottles that would make the transition between bottle and breastfeeding easier.  Mainly, I was in search of bottles that were BPA free, a soft wide nipple, and a bottle that would grow with the girls.

What I loved about the product?

  1. BPA free.
  2. Soft wide nipple
  3. Nipples come in 3 stages: slow, medium, and rapid
  4. Different size bottles to choose from
  5. Several color options to choose from
  6. Designed to reduce gas and colic

What I didn’t care for about the product?

  1. Too many parts, and all had to be assembled correctly or it would leak.
  2. The numbers on the side wore off fairly quickly.
  3. Also, when one of my daughters was a couple of months she figured out how to screw off the top of the bottle.  I caught her in the act a couple of times before she wasted all the of the precious milk I had pumped.

Overall, I used these bottles throughout my children’s infancy (because I didn’t want to purchase anymore).  They served their purpose, but if you are a busy Mom on the go, there are way too many pieces that need to be washed and assembled for me to recommend them.

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