Afraid of Harsh Chemicals Here Is Why I Switched to Whip it a Plant-Based Solution

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When I found out that I was pregnant with twins, I begin to purge and clean. Now that they are older my purging and cleaning hasn’t stopped, but I have stopped using the same cleaning brands that my mom used while I was growing up. Parenting a child with some health issues, I didn’t want her to breath in chemicals. In fact, just like most parents I really wanted the best for my family. I believe it was not long after I gave birth that I challenge myself to live healthier, which also meant getting rid of unwanted chemicals in my personal environment.

When my kids were around 2 years old I decided that I would only use natural cleaning products. For many years, I searched for green, plant-based products, that actually worked. Consequently, I’ve tried so many products brands, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with a brand that would actually do it all (clean the kitchen, bathroom, clothes, etc). I wanted to have 1 brand I could trust that product my home with fresh scents that I felt safe using. I also wanted to be careful to make sure that the products would be safe for my growing girls to use as their chore lists grew.

Whip It Cleaner

Health-living and my plant-based commitment

A couple of years ago, while at the grocery store, I saw a demo for The Amazing Whip It cleaning spray. The demo memorized me. The demonstrator took out a crayon, then a permanent marker and wrote on the counter. Then she sprayed The Amazing Whip It, wiped, and viola! The the marks were gone. I was in awe.

Having just tried to scrub the crayon masterpieces, from my adorable little artists, off my living room walls with an erasable sponge that also took off my paint, I was open to finding a new cleaning solution. It turns out, that The Amazing Whip It is not just a great option for parents, schools, camps, etc the solution is good to have in any household. We can all get stains, and we all deserve to have less chemicals in our environment, so The Amazing Whip It is a reasonable alternative solution.

Plant Based Cleaning

Initially, I only knew about the stain removing spray, but I soon learned that they have a plant-based product for almost every household area. The products that they carry are:

Each product is labeled as, earth, family, and pet friendly. These products do not contain ammonia, alcohol, nor dyes.

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Where can you Find The Amazing Whip It?

Some of the national places that you can buy The Amazing Whip It are:

Cleverly Changing Review

Since receiving the products, my house hasn’t ever been cleaner. I really enjoy using them and seeing their magic in action. In fact, just like you were able to observe on the video, my kids enjoy the products as well. My favorite is the grapefruit All-Pupose cleaner. Since I’ve started using Whip it, I’ve encouraged my mom to switch to these cleaners as well.

The stain remover is a eucalyptus scent, which is awesome. I’m very sensitive to cleaning products because mainstream products with chemicals often cause me to have headaches and my throat to tighten. However, I feel at ease during and after the cleaning process when I use The Amazing Whip it because the scents are completely natural.

I believe, it’s not enough to try to eat organic, go ahead and cleanse the chemicals not just in food, but in all of life’s areas by switching to a plant-based cleaner.

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