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Homemade Vegan Honey Nut Granola Ingredients

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Several months ago my family and I decided to eat a vegan diet. One of my greatest challenges is staying full without having the need to snack between meals. Recently, I created some tasty homemade vegan breakfast recipes that you and your family can enjoy as well.

With limited time in the morning’s breakfast can become optional. You may want to grab something quick then head to go out the door. Surprisingly, just because you need a quick meal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice nutrition. In fact, you can even opt for a home-cooked breakfast that quick to make. One breakfast that you can enjoy is homemade granola or a smoothie bowl. Both are delicious enough that you can even share them with your kids and they’ll enjoy it.

This homemade vegan granola recipe is great because it’s rich in vitamins and protein. You can easily make enough granola to last the whole week. By making the granola and smoothie bowl yourself you can control how much sugar, carbs, and calories are within your food; thus, tailoring the breakfast to your own needs.

Homemade Honey Nut Granola


Adding nuts to your breakfast helps add protein and healthy complex carbohydrates to your morning meal. The protein will also help you stay full longer and should keep you full until lunchtime. Pictured (from L-R Organic oats, dates, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and coconuts shreds.)

Homemade vegan honey nut granola can be eaten as a snack, cold or warm breakfast cereal or used as a topping to your favorite treats.

Homemade vegan honey-nut granola breakfast cereal


Homemade Vegan Granola

[yumprint-recipe id=’17’]Homemade Vegan Protein Rich Smoothie Bowl

The Homemade Vegan Smoothie Bowl

[yumprint-recipe id=’18’]Remember, with this recipe you can switch out ingredients to suite your taste buds. If there is an allergy to nuts, skip the coconut and add dates or something else flavorful. You can also add chia seeds to provide more fiber, calcium, magnesium, and protein.

Kitchen items you’ll need for both recipes:

  • Blender – We use a Vitamix but any high-powered blender will work.
  • A flexible spatula.
  • Long  oven container – Such as a pyrex dish.

Reader Question:

What is your favorite and most nutritious breakfast when you don’t have lots of time in the morning?