Homeschool Art: WaterColors and Drawing Using Pentel Arts

Teaching Kids about WaterColor

I’m grateful that sent us new watercolor pens that we can use in our home drawing class. Their timing was perfect because this year our home school instruction includes art lessons. My husband gave my girls a lesson on how to make a picture using watercolors.

Last week, I shared our Cherry Blossoms pictures and today’s drawing lesson was an extension of the photography session that he gave our girls when we visited the Cherry Blossom tress and monuments in Washington DC. The YouTube video above demonstrates how to sketch the picture with Pentel Flexible Point Pens and then use Pentel’s Aquash Water Brush to blend the colors together.

When teaching kids how to sketch a watercolor picture, use these tips:

  1. Use watercolor paper so the colors will blend well and dry faster once water is applied to the paper.
  2. Have your child draw his or her picture with a pencil so they can make changes if needed.
  3. Next, trace over the picture with one of the Pentel Flexible Point Pens.
  4. Encourage your child not to color the picture all-the-way-in because the water will add the needed color and shading later.
  5. Next, have your little artist add shading lines to give the picture some depth and dimension. Then use the watercolor brush to blend the colors together. Color like colors first and rinse and wipe the brush between colors to lessen color fading.

Overall, my daughters’ loved their art lesson.

Art is about expression and having fun. There is no wrong way, just lots of new ideas that become visual by using different colors, pens, clay, paint, and anything else that makes what you visualize come to life.

Key takeaway from our watercolors lesson

Art isn’t about imitation, it’s about redefining your own realization.

[tweetthis]”Art isn’t about imitation, it’s about redefining your own realization. Within everyone lives an artist.”[/tweetthis]

Cool details about Pental Arts Flexible Point Pens (from the manufacturer)

  1. Works like watercolor in a pen
  2. Blendable
  3. Dilutes with water
  4. Tip won’t dry out
  5. Easy to clean

Reader Question: What are some creative skills that you teach the kids in your life?

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