30 Ideas for Easter Baskets Without Candy

Once Upon A Time Bible and Storybook

Holidays like Easter are great for families to get together and enjoy themselves. However, the commercial aspect of candy and jelly beans has really taken over. I try not to let my kids eat candy. So even though they won’t be enjoying any chocolate bunnies or peeps in my home, I still want my girls to enjoy their Easter Baskets. If you’re like me and what to offer children an enjoyable Easter Baskets without the candy here are some ideas you can try. 

30 Ideas for Easter Baskets Without Candy

30 Items You can Place Inside An Easter Basket Besides Candy

  1. Books
  2. Digital Bookmarks 
  3. Toys
  4. Lego bricks
  5. Colorful Pencils
  6. Stuffed Animals
  7. Lip Balm
  8. Digital Bookmarks 
  9. iPods and Headsets
  10. Healthy Snacks
  11. Toy cars, trucks, etc
  12. Balls
  13. Jewelry
  14. Small toy instruments
  15. Crayons or Markers
  16. Art sets or Craft supplies
  17. A Night Light or Reading Lamp
  18. Apps or Kid subscription boxes
  19. Hair accessories such as bows, headbands, barrette, etc.
  20. Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand wash, bubble bath, bath toys, etc
  21. Video Games
  22. Boogie Board
  23. Flash Cards or Card games
  24. gift cards or money
  25. Reusable water bottles
  26.  Apron
  27. Teacup set: ie,  Cups, kettles, and herbal tea
  28. Board games (travel size games are perfect)
  29. Silly string
  30. Camera or tablet

Below is an Easter Basket I made for my girls that didn’t include candy:
No Candy Easter Basket-CC

The books I added to their Easter baskets are two of my favorite items: the Once Upon A Time Bible and Storybook.

The bible isn’t just a book with pictures so it’s something that my 8-year-old daughters can read and still enjoy viewing the illustrations. I want my girls to start identifying where the books of the bible are found, so this Bible is a great choice. Mainly because it is a regular Bible in simpler language than the Kings James Version. In fact, the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) translation is especially geared towards kids and helps them understand the passages better. I’d highly recommend this bible to parents with children from 7-11 years old. 

The best part of both the bible and storybook is that the illustrations are clear and beautifully done. In addition, the storybook makes for an enjoyable positive bedtime book for kids. Overall, I’d highly recommend both books to kids parents with children from 1-9 years old.



From the official website:

Once Upon A Time Bible by Zondervan Kids Once Upon A Time Bible by Zondervan Kids

  • With the popularity of fairy tales and Disney animation, and especially with the new release of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast on March 17, Zonderkidz wanted to publish a storybook Bible and full-text Bible (Holy Bible offered in hardcover and pink leather soft editions) that would resonate with children and families who loved those types of movies, and loved reading a great story.
  • The art will captivate Disney lovers with similar looking characters and color palettes
  • Zonderkidz wanted to capture fans of this genre, but introduce young children to the word of God, and introduce them to the great characters of the Bible. It’s important to note that this brand serves to resound the theme that the Bible is NOT a fairy tale, but every great Bible story happened once upon a time. The Bible is the ultimate Happily Ever After story!
  • What Christian parent doesn’t want to tie in Bible learning fun with what their kids already love, but also have the opportunity to teach them that the real heroes and stories of our faith come straight from God’s Word.

The Storybook Bible uses even more of the captivating art style and beautiful narrative to tell the major stories of the Bible, and the Holy Bible & the Story Book includes the full-text of the bestselling New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) translation and highlights 6 great stories of the Bible in full-color tip-in pages.  (there will be 6 stories, and each story is told on 4 illustrated pages.)

Where can you buy these Bibles?

They are available where books are sold and the Storybook Bible is available at Sam’s Club or wherever books are sold.

Be sure to sign up for the ZonderKidz newsletter so that you can keep up with their latest offerings. You can also follow along on social media to keep up with ZonderKidz:

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