Visiting The Brooklyn Childrens Museum

Upstairs at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

Looking for something to do with your kids while in a new city? If you’re ever visiting a new city with your kids, look up the nearest children’s museum. Children’s museums offer fun adventurers, safe kid-friendly spaces, and exhibits that can be enjoyed by all ages.

recycled-cardboard-art-at-bcmRecently, we visited the Brooklyn Children’s Museum (BCM). BCM is lots of fun for kids.

  • Location: Brooklyn Children’s Museum, 145 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11213, United States
  • Hours: 10-5 pm from Tuesday through Sunday.
  • Free Hours: 2 – 6 pm on Thursdays
  • Plan your visit: See BCM’s event calendar

Cool facts about the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

  1. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum (BCM) was the first the world’s very first kid’s museum.
  2. The entire museum is about Brooklyn. Additionally, there’s a new exhibit that highlights the residents of Brooklyn. Oil painter, Rusty Zimmerman, painted portraits of the people from Brooklyn. His exhibit will be on display through October 23. In partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Weeksville Heritage Center, oral histories were also recorded during each portrait session, which will be available for listening during Zimmerman’s exhibition. 
  3. Remember, Thursdays are donation entry days, so visitors are not required to pay the $11 entrance; instead visitors can share a monetary donation of their choice.

The Brooklyn Museum Offers:

  • kente-cloth-at-the-brooklyn-childrens-museumFree parking for visitors, which is a plus because it’s in the heart of a residential NY neighborhood.
  • Hands-on exhibits geared towards children from infancy throughout their elementary years.
  • Rotating and new exhibits so you can visit each year and have an almost completely new experience every time.
  • A celebration of the different cultures of people who reside in Brooklyn. It’s lovely to see the diverse community and rich history shared with children who visit BCM.
  • Tons of hands-on exhibits so children can feel comfortable using may of their five senses to interact with the displays.
  • a Tiny tots area, animals, a café, classes, etc.

Overall, the museum is one of Brooklyn’s treasures and parents will enjoy taking their children to the museum to have fun and experience a first hand look at Brooklyn life.

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