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Wow! Can you believe it, the summer is gone? The hustle and bustle of  school is about to start for many families. If you’re deciding to homeschool this year and you’re interested in knowing what will make homeschool easier for your family here are some cool school related products that you’ll want have in your home.

So you want to homeschool? Don’t without these 5 supplies:

  1. A planner or a master calendar – Not all homeschool parents need to write out their entire lesson plan, but some will find that weekly planning is helpful to reduce some school related stress. Even if you’re not interested in creating a weekly to do list, having a syllabus or outline for the year is a necessity. A syllabus is helpful to know which concepts you’ll need to cover throughout the year. Keeping a written guide, which will help your child stay on track. If you need a more relaxed approach than creating a planner, consider having a master calendar posted in your classroom area so that you and your student will be able to expect which lessons and concepts will come next. Getting students to keep track of their assignments in their own student planner will help them learn how to stay organized.
  2. A hole puncher and binders – Homeschooling offers a range of flexibility, but it is important to keep a portfolio of what your child is learning. The portfolio is available when you  discuss with the state, if your state requires a homeschool review. But I also like to keep a portfolio because it gives the teaching parent an opportunity to share with the parent who is not the primary teacher. Being able to display the child’s work will also help you see their progression of learning a long the way.
  3. A computer – Every homeschool needs to have a computer. We are living in a digital age and it is important for children to be well aware of how to use electronics because they will be expected to be digital natives in our fast-paced world. Children should learn to type just as if it were second nature or as normal as writing. 
  4. A printer – Printing copies at Fed Ex, the library, or anywhere else can become extremely costly. It is very helpful to have a printer so that if you need to create helpful worksheets to provide reinforcement for your child, you can. Printers also help when there are projects that need to be completed and are great for making photo copies as needed. If you can afford a wireless printer that’s even better. My wireless printer allows me to send print jobs to an email address that will print the documents on the spot wherever I am.
  5. A pencil sharpener – A good pencil sharpener is a homeschool must have. Seriously, sharpening pencils help a child complete their school work. Pencils are a necessity for younger children who may need to correct their work often. However pencils are helpful for drawing, drafts, tracing, handwriting, etc. 
  6. An analog and/or digital clock – As homeschool parents we aren’t only teaching our children academics, but we are also teaching them how to cultivate discipline. Having a clock in the room helps children began to understand time management. If your child is elementary school aged, I recommend that you have an analog clock so he or she can be begin to understand what the numbers on the clock mean.

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