National Friendship Day #ConnectBetter

Blogging Friends
Eva and I at Blogging While Brown

Recently, I was asked to participate in a National Friendship Day initiative from FTD. When I learned more about the campaign, I thought of my blogging friend Eva. Eva from is one blogger who gives me lots of inspiration. She is a ray of sunshine in my life. FTD agreed to send one of my blogging friends a bouquet of flowers.  I chose the yellow roses, because Eva reminds me of sunny days. According to the website Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, yellow is described as: ” uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.” All of which are true about my blogging friend Eva.

My first memory of Eva comes from Twitter. Her tweets struck my eye so I went to her blog and it really resonated with me as a mom so I immediately knew that I would become an avid reader of Not long after we followed each other on Twitter I had the opportunity to meet Eva in person. I will never forget it, we met several years ago at a Blogher Conference and she has been a friend ever since. She is living proof that moms can be amazing wives, bloggers, entrepreneurs, homeschool moms, students, and successful. I am proud of her in so many ways. FTD flowers connect better

Currently, she is a law student and full of wisdom. The work that Socamom produces on her blog is excellent, check out her tweet below about how to make an Anancy spider plush. One of Eva’s best attributes is that she always appears to put her best foot forward and her work comes across as both professional and passionate. She is a big support and I appreciate having her a positive light in my life.



Everyone who wants to successful needs someone to believe in them. They also need people to support their dreams. Eva is my friend who will share my posts, provide me with words of encouragement, and pass my name along to a PR agent who is looking for other bloggers. She is both patient and intelligent. I learn so much from her work ethic and her consistency; in fact, she is one of the reasons that I continue to blog today. I am grateful for her and I look forward to our friendship growing even more.

This National Friendship Day I’m Thank for Eva!

Happy National Friendship Day
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Reader Question: Nothing says I appreciate you like a gift. What are some gifts you like to give to your best friends?

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